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Posted by taskcade
Jun 14, 2023 at 07:31 AM


Hi Taskaders,

We’re super excited to share our latest update - designed to enhances security for your projects, supercharge your brainstorming sessions, and streamline your project management experience. Enjoy, have fun!

Full changelog with visuals and videos here: https://www.taskade.com/blog/password-protect-generate-questions-my-tasks-panel-publish-links/

ߤ– Taskade AI: Generate Questions in Mind Map
Introducing Taskade AI in Mind Map view. Generate questions, spark fresh ideas, or break down tasks into subtasks from a single node selection. It’s time to power-up your brainstorming. Learn more: https://help.taskade.com/hc/en-us/articles/16626189880851

ߔ’ Password Protect Links
Add an extra security layer by password-protecting your project-sharing links. Now, controlling re-sharing is a breeze. Give it a spin in the Share menu. Learn more: https://help.taskade.com/hc/en-us/articles/17147950195731

ߓŒ My Tasks Panel
Click on a task from the ‘My Tasks’ screen to open the new task detail panel. Rescheduling and reassigning tasks has never been faster or easier. Learn more: https://help.taskade.com/hc/en-us/articles/360056482834

ߔ— Publish Projects and Templates
Share public, read-only links of your projects and templates. Keep an eye out for upcoming customization options giving you complete control over your published content. Learn more: https://help.taskade.com/hc/en-us/articles/11103008635027

Have fun exploring these new features. As always, we’re here to make your Taskade experience better every day!

The Taskade Team




Posted by taskcade
Jun 14, 2023 at 07:33 AM


Thanks so much for the feedback, can you ping our team directly at https://www.taskade.com/contact for assistance?

1. We will support custom fields in the near future as a task “Add-On’ would that work for your needs? It would look nicely in the ‘Action View’ as additional columns.
2. Light Mode is supported! Can you give it a try? Simply toggle it at the top right corner of your profile menu.
3. Noted, workspace structure wise, you can learn more on https://help.taskade.com/hc/en-us/articles/7400371873427 — how do you think we can clarify it better for new users?

Thanks again, hope you reach out directly too!

Team Taskade

Foxsayy wrote:
I tried Taskade and it just wasn’t that great for me. I REALLY wanted to
>like it, too.
> >I WILL say the one thing I really like was the mind-map and org views.
>Not perfect, but the ONLY one I’ve found so far that mapped directly to
>tasks in a useful way.
> >**What I didn’t like:**
> >- Black. It’s all black. It’s worse than ClickUp in this regard.
>    -There’s also no visual distinction or indicators between any items
>other than a space
>- It’s all lists style, with no option to open a task and have subtasks
>with their own custom fields, notes, and attachments. (This might be
>just a preference, but I don’t like having ONLY a markdown view)
>- Speaking of, there are no custom fields??
>- Extremely limited ways to sort and display data and tasks
>- I personally find the way Taskade organizes itself a bit confusing
>(this is coming from a ClickUp user)
>- Offline mode? Does this exist yet?
>- The Windows app doesn’t work! It just crashes and has a ton of bugs.
>What the heck.
> >**What I do like:**
>- Mind-Map and Org views
>- How quickly you can switch between views
>- Ability to paste images into notes from clipboard
> >
>While I can see Taskade being a decent group study tool, I could never
>use this as a task or project manager because:
> >1. I need features Taskade doesn’t have (like custom fields)
>2. I cannot stand the bland interface. Objectively, there’s the fact
>that the UI has few visual markers and is almost completely monotone.
>Subjectively, I (personally) need a brighter workspace with visually
>distinct, colorful elements.
>3. The bugs and existing options would still pose a challenge even
>without #2 and #3.


Posted by taskcade
Jun 29, 2023 at 06:15 AM


Excited to introduce 3 new Taskade AI features for the summer! ☀️ ✨ ߐ‘

1️⃣ AI Task Generator: Hit the spacebar, input your goals, and generate a detailed plan or brainstorm new ideas

2️⃣ AI PDF Summarizer: Convert large PDFs into concise outlines and summaries in Taskade

3️⃣ New Desktop Apps: Optimized for Mac, Linux, and Windows for a smoother, faster experience

Download the updated apps here: https://taskade.com/downloads

For all updates, see our full changelog: https://taskade.com/blog/task-generator-ai-pdf-summarizer

More exciting updates and surprises are coming soon!

John at Taskade


Posted by taskcade
Jul 10, 2023 at 05:21 PM


Taskade AI has landed on iOS & Android! ߑ‰ taskade.com/downloads. Generate tasks, spark new ideas, and chat with our AI assistant from your mobile and tablet devices.

Get things done faster and smarter from wherever you are. Experience the future of productivity! Download our app at https://taskade.com/downloads


ߚ€ What’s New in Taskade:

ߒ¡ 1. Generate Action Items in Bulk with AI:


Unleash your ideas and watch them spring into action. Turn any notes into a to-do list and let Taskade AI handle the heavy lifting.


Find out more: https://help.taskade.com/hc/en-us/articles/12067565458067


ߎ¯ 2. Prioritize Multiple Tasks with AI:


Choose several tasks and watch Taskade AI prioritize and order them for maximum productivity. Now, you can streamline tasks and focus on what truly matters.


Get started: https://help.taskade.com/hc/en-us/articles/12067565458067


ߗ¯؏ 3. Summarize Large Documents with AI:


Bulky documents? No problem! Taskade AI transforms hefty PDF, DOCX, and TXT files into tidy summaries. It’s document management, reinvented.


Learn how: https://help.taskade.com/hc/en-us/articles/17959875729811


ߚš 4. Move Folders between Workspaces:


We get how important managing your workspace is. That’s why moving private and team folders between workspaces has just become a breeze.


Here’s how: https://help.taskade.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043157754


ߔ” 5. Mark as Read for Workspaces:


Notification overload? Say goodbye to clutter and hello to tidy workspaces. Mark all notifications as read in a flash!


Find out more: https://help.taskade.com/hc/en-us/articles/360055529154


ߓ Taskade Mobile App Changelog:


From a new-look AI toolbar to a quicker project editor and handy ‘Copy Task Link’ feature - we’ve got a whole host of updates waiting for you.


Dive in: https://www.taskade.com/blog/ai-mobile-generate-action-items-prioritize-tasks-summarize-docs/#Mobile_App_Updates_Changelog


ߔ§ More Improvements: From transforming .CSV spreadsheets into fresh projects to enhanced text handling and multi-tasking, Taskade AI is here to make your day brighter.


We’re continually fine-tuning Taskade for a smoother, more efficient experience. Watch this space!


Changelog: taskade.com/blog/ai-mobile-generate-action-items-prioritize-tasks-summarize-docs


We ❤️ your feedback, Taskaders. Your ideas help us shape the future of remote work, so keep ‘em coming! Post your thoughts, requests, and suggestions at taskade.com/feedback! Let’s keep creating together! ߚ€

John at Taskade



Posted by taskcade
Aug 3, 2023 at 08:01 PM


Ever wish you had a creative expert assisting you with outlining, tasks, projects, and mind map brainstorming? Say hello to Taskade AI Personas and Tones! ߎ‰ ߑ‡

ߒ¬ AI Personas and Tones: Now, you can interact with AI as if they were marketing experts or life coaches. Taskade’s AI Personas and Tones bring specialized roles and expertise to your workflow.


Your AI assistant just got a whole lot smarter. Select from dozens of specialized personas and tones today in Taskade AI Chat!


ߓ˜ AI Prompt Templates: Kickstart your workflow with our curated AI prompt templates. Spend less time figuring out how to begin and more time doing what matters. Choose from 100+ Prompt Templates in-app for free.


ߓŠ Import Spreadsheet with AI: Transform your CSV files into fully-fledged Taskade projects in a click! Upload, import, and convert documents & spreadsheets into projects instantly.


ߗ¯؏ Bulk Project Management: Simplify your project management process with our new feature that lets you copy, move, and delete multiple projects in bulk within any workspace.


✍️ AI-powered Spelling and Grammar Checker: Improve the quality of your tasks, notes, and projects with our AI-powered spelling and grammar checker. Just type /fix or select multiple items and let the AI do the rest.



Additionally, we’re thrilled to share that we’ve implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA) for enhanced security, extended system support to 10 new languages, fixed various bugs, and made significant performance enhancements.


Thank you for being a part of our journey and we promise to continue delivering exciting updates that make Taskade your ultimate AI-powered productivity tool! ߚ€


Read our full update here: https://www.taskade.com/blog/ai-personas-prompt-templates/

John and Team Taskade


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