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Posted by taskcade
Sep 2, 2023 at 08:08 AM



## ✍️ AI Research Agent, Project Q&A, and Reprompting!

- ߔŽ AI Research Agent — Let our AI agents do the digging for you, pulling together relevant insights and resources from the web.
- ߒ¬ AI Project Q&A   — Chat with your projects using an intelligent AI consultant. Get instant, context-aware advice and insights.
- ߔ„ AI Reprompting — Fine-tune and chain your prompts in a conversational workflow.
- ✨ Other Improvements
  - New Advanced AI Capabilities: Introduced various AI features including Contextual Project Q\&A and AI Project Studio for iOS and Android.
  - New Media Management: Media tab is launching soon in workspaces for easier management of multimedia content in your projects.
  - New: Added new AI Agents with web search capabilities.
  - New: Added support for Reprompting commands and more languages.
  - New: Prompt Library Additions: New AI prompts have been added.
  - New: Enhanced markdown footnotes support for better documentation.
  - New: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is now available for improved security.
  - Improved: SAML and SSO permissions, login, and access for enterprise users.
  - Fixed various styling issues in the dark theme, editor, and AI assistant.
  - Fixed issues related to the onboarding process and role selection.
  - Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Thanks everyone

John at Taskade


Posted by satis
Sep 2, 2023 at 04:12 PM


Taskade put together a 75 second intro on YouTube about its update with AI task/project generation mindmap that’s *quite* impressive for business use:


The proof of the pudding etc etc

WorldofAI put out a 14 minute video walkthrough on the update, saying that Taskade has delivered on the promises of an AI-based app I hadn’t heard of called Quivr.


Again, very impressive in the fly-by. The document summarization feature (and being able to query Taskade questions about ingested docs via Taskade chatbot) looks fantastic, though I’d want to see how it handles pdfs I know well.

AI is apparently being shoved into everything now, increasingly affordably. I just ran into this free, local-browser-based LLM chatbot anyone can download and play with:

“This project brings large-language model
and LLM-based chatbot to web browsers.
Everything runs inside the browser with no
server support and accelerated with WebGPU.
This opens up a lot of fun opportunities to
build AI assistants for everyone and enable
privacy while enjoying GPU acceleration.”



Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Sep 3, 2023 at 12:49 PM


I have flirted with Taskade for a while now. It has a lot of impressive features. But now I am going to give it a real try. The AI is impressive, although I don’t see myself using it a lot… but who knows?



Posted by taskcade
Sep 21, 2023 at 05:25 AM


That is awesome to hear Stephen, please ping us any time with feedback on taskade.com/contact - we’d be happy to jump on a quick chat too :)

- Team Taskade / John

Stephen Zeoli wrote:
I have flirted with Taskade for a while now. It has a lot of impressive
>features. But now I am going to give it a real try. The AI is
>impressive, although I don’t see myself using it a lot… but who knows?
> >Steve


Posted by taskcade
Sep 21, 2023 at 05:26 AM


Hey everyone,

We’ve been cooking up something cool at Taskade, and I wanted to share the latest! 
Full changelog: https://taskade.com/blog/ai-file-chat-project-studio-media-manager/

ߟ¢ AI File Chat - You know those moments when you wish your PDFs and CSVs could just chat back? Yep, we felt that too, and decided to do something about it.

ߟ¡ We’ve also launched the AI Project Studio for iOS & Android. It’s our way of adding a touch of AI magic to the way you design projects. If you’re curious, you can check out our apps: https://taskade.com/downloads

ߔ´ And there’s the Media Manager - think of it as a cozy home for all your files, where everything’s at your fingertips and ready for a chat.

✨ We’ve added some other nifty features and tweaks, and for the devs here, there’s an early look at our Taskade API in Alpha.

Would love to get some feedback or hear your thoughts! Let’s imagine a more productive future together. ✨ ߐ‘ ߚ€

For those who like details: https://taskade.com/blog/ai-file-chat-project-studio-media-manager/

Stay awesome!

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