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Vitamin R for getting things done.

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Posted by Larry_in_Bangkok
Jun 22, 2022 at 05:23 PM


“Vitamin R” software mentioned here a few times over the years.
This post asks if it is TIME-COST-EFFECTIVE as a tool for getting more done.
Not money cost ... TIME cost.

To organize tasks, priorities, times, delegate to whom, I use an outliner.
Which outliner doesn’t seem to matter—personal preference.

BUT ... and this is the essential focus of this post ... outliners don’t help much in actually getting things done.
Sure, they are help for organising priorities, times, delegating, etc.
But actually DOING ??

I’ve been looking for a DOING helper for a long time.
Pomodoro (tomato timer) software seemed a good start.
After all, the constraint to getting things done is TIME.
But when I tried Pomodoro, well, I didn’t find a lot of benefit.

Thanks to a few mentions on this forum, I just learned about “Vitamin R”:
Pomodoro on steroids.
I started a trial of “Vitamin R” and am using it now.

Your comments, please.
Experiences: good, bad, indifferent.
Love it?  Hate it?

The biggest COST in any new software—in my mind—is the time to LEARN to use it.
To build up basic “muscle memory” and brain reaction time to make it a useful tool.
Takes weeks, months, sometimes years.
So I ask, you who are using Vitamin R, or have used it in the past, have you found it time-cost-effective?
Or not?

Thank you.


Posted by Paul Korm
Jun 22, 2022 at 07:35 PM


I used Vitamin R for a while, then again, later, from time to time.  It’s interesting, but seemed to require a lot of care and feeding.  I found that I was fiddling with the software, and using it as another distraction.

Far less distracting and more effective, I find, is noting the three or four things that need my focus on a 3x2 index card and keeping that card in front of me or in my my pocket, referring to it frequently, until all those things on done.  Then picking up a new card and repeating the procedure.  That little card defines the roadmap and is far more effective than software.


Posted by Larry_in_Bangkok
Jun 23, 2022 at 06:31 AM


Paul Korm wrote:
> a lot of care and feeding ... fiddling with the software ... another distraction.

... Starting to look that way to me, too.
But I’m still testing.

> Far less distracting ... is noting the three or four things that need my focus
> on a 3x2 index card and keeping that card in front of me.

... Very good idea.
I could try that on large Post-It notes.

... Thank you, Paul, for your post about this.


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