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Replacement for using Ecco mostly as single pane outliner

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Posted by Lothar Scholz
Feb 25, 2021 at 02:49 PM


>I think you can still download the last (aged) version of the app from

Thats exactly like the other link posted here. It’s the zip archive not in installer or a zip that contains the C Compiler + MFC DLL runtime.
And new Windows wont allow side loading of the DLLs anymore if you just put them just in the folder.

Too much security kills it all ... you don’t even get a normal error message anymore.


Posted by ndodge
Feb 25, 2021 at 10:31 PM


Thanks everyone.  Good news is that my IT department worked hard to try to get it to work, turns out deleting registry entries for NetManage does the trick.

I’ll look at a few of the other options (I am limited to Windows) becasue some day I probably will have to switch.  Dynalist is also still a potential candidate as well, I did a test workflow and I think it could work ok.  But for now, I still carry on with Ecco.


Posted by ndodge
Feb 25, 2021 at 10:34 PM


I’ll probably check this one out (need to get permission to install, although this has a run from thumb drive looks like you need to do a full install first and then export to a thumb drive install).  If I can do collapsible headings within table cells then I may have struck gold-just hoping, no idea if that will work).

Achim wrote:
Hi ndodge,
> >if I get you right and you look for basic outliner features, maybe the
>outline feature of Atlantis Wordprocessor (Collapsible Headings) will
> >https://www.atlantiswordprocessor.com/en/help/collapsible_headings.htm
> >At least it meets all the requirements you mentioned:
> >- no columns
>- multiple tabs/windows
>- highly compatible to MS Word (probably you won’t need Word anymore)
>- dead easy drag & drop rearrangement of items in a tree view (control
> >
> >- all the features of an advanced word processor
> >Best regards


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