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Any note taking app that syncs over LAN?

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Posted by Skywatcher
Aug 3, 2019 at 12:19 PM


Skywatcher wrote:
I f I’m not mistaken, Dropbox allows you to sync over local LAN
>network. So any app that can use Dropbox for data storage would work in
>your situation.
>See https://blogs.dropbox.com/tech/2015/10/inside-lan-sync/

EDIT : Sorry, i missed the point that you were specifically asking for Android apps…


Posted by satis
Aug 3, 2019 at 02:56 PM


Maybe these links could help:




Posted by washere
Aug 4, 2019 at 05:22 AM


2 of the best, on Windows Android etc, do it:

Notecase Pro:
Detailed custom server functions/setup/sync
Read his server manuals online
Free + paid versions


Sync with ones own’s servers: webDAV or Nextcloud (+Dropbox & OneDrive too)

Alternatively on Android install app:
Ultimate servers pro + any of it’s servers protocols, ftp samba etc


Total Commander + his LAN plugin (just add ip number of PC or NAS drive in plugin add server pop-up), will see it. TC is the Best app for Android anyway, his ftp etc clients can see ultimate servers or PC/NAS servers too:




Posted by Dellu
Aug 4, 2019 at 12:10 PM


washere wrote:

>Total Commander + his LAN plugin (just add ip number of PC or NAS drive
>in plugin add server pop-up), will see it. TC is the Best app for
>Android anyway, his ftp etc clients can see ultimate servers or PC/NAS
>servers too:
> >https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=C.+Ghisler&hl=en_US
> >

Thank you guys.

I have now tried the apps listed here.  Notecase and B-Folders sound promising; probably can use any of them; but, , they all feel clunky, and a bit oldish. So, I am now thiking to go with washere’s suggestion: the Total commander is a good idea.

If I am right the steps will be:
1) step my files in ftp folder in the server (USB drive on the router)
2) access the folder on the mac (with the Share feature) and Total commander on the android

is that right washere?
I really don’t have experience with local networking.


Posted by washere
Aug 4, 2019 at 05:27 PM


Notecase Pro server config is very advanced & needs experience.

Total Commander (TC) is very easy. It’s a single/dual pane file manager. Best all round app on Android. Been using it for a decade.

In images linked below, one of my phones, you see I’ve installed many of his plugins.

Install from link on previous post TC itself then whatever plugin you need


Another image shows, dual pane in landscape:
Settings (3 dots top-right, varies wrt where in app): Configure…: List Windows management: Horizontal Screen: show two panels

You can also swipe in single page or 3 arrows on screen edge, to change panes

Most used icon, copy/move, is bottom icon (2nd left): dog_eared paper icon

First you select a file or folder to copy/move:
Click icon of file/folder on left to select (gets ticked)
Then copy/move icon
Can multi select by clicking icons of files on left

Clicking on name of file, runs it &
On folder name, goes into it

Also long click (click & hold) on a file/folder name, gives pop-up options:
Depends on what it is, try it, copy delete rename etc

You can also do this for setup ftp or LAN shares to modify properties etc

Install TC

Install his ftp plugin (ftp client)
(For an ftp server on Android, you need ultimate servers pro stuff I linked)

Install his LAN (Windows share) plugin too

Get your ftp server running on the router

Check it works with an ftp client you are familiar with, on Mac or whatever laptop

If it works on Mac for you, then try from TC:

Launch TC, at Homepage of TC:

Click on the icon of his ftp plugin you installed:
FTP (File Transfers)

On next screen click on line:

On pop-up box:
Give it any name

Setup page:
Server name (top line) put IP number : port of ftp server, eg see my image below

Enter ftp id & password too, that you setup in server

LAN plugin:

Chances are your USB drive might be seen as a Windows share (samba) too

Click on LAN (Windows share) in TC homepage on launch

Then line:

Give it a name
I usually give the ip number as name

Enter ip number in top line

Tick off smb2 box (faster)


Then go back to TC homepage, LAN plugin again & you see it there. Click on it, should show your network drive if it has samba (Windows share). Shows most NAS (network hard drives).

Fing app scans & slows ip numbers of all devices on your network:


If you haven’t bought a travel router, let me know, I’ll recommend a small one & a tiny one.

Tons of features for networking, privacy, etc etc

I myself will be somewhere remote this week, so will probably not see posts here after Monday for a week. If you can see your ftp server on your Mac first, you’ll see it on Android too.

Sorry if any type, using Gboard swipe keyboard in Android.



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