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Any note taking app that syncs over LAN?

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Posted by washere
Aug 11, 2019 at 02:44 PM




Posted by xtabber
Aug 13, 2019 at 01:44 PM


For backup and sync to just about anything (local/LAN/cloud), you might look at Syncovery (https://www.syncovery.com/), which is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and several other desktop operating systems.

It used to be called “Super Flexible Backup” which is a pretty good description.

Not free, but reasonably priced, under continuous development and well supported.


Posted by washere
Aug 25, 2019 at 06:40 PM


Dellu wrote:
> >washere wrote:
> >That is amazing comment. I never heard of OTG before.
>Suddenly, you opened a new world to me.
> >I am planning to record an interview using my Blue Yeti USB microphone.
>I never thought of any way of doing it other than the computer + the
>microphone. As you mention OTG, I realize that I can directly record
>from my microphone to my phone; even for video.
> >Wow.
>Thank you man.

If you like OTG stuff, you might like 2 other gadgets I use.

First one is Ravpower FileHub Plus. What is it? Many things:

* Portable Travel Router
* Portable NAS: access mobile USB hard disks or SSDs etc on it’s wifi on phones laptops tablets etc.
* 5 Mobile connections, to access attached devices stream etc. Say 3 kids in the car can watch 3 diff movies streaming from the usb drive attacjed to it
* SD Card, also can be seen by any device as above, good for photographers etc
* 1 touch button to copy all SD Card to any attached USB drive, so no laptop needed to move files from SD to free space
* Portable Power Bank, has it’s own power but can charge phones etc too
* 2.4G + 5Ghz
* etc

Some hotels charge per Ethernet cable connection or more prevalent now for each wifi device connected per night, can easily be $24 per device per night.
With this you connect it to hotel wifi as a device, share it’s own wifi, then can attach 5 phones laptops tablets etc to it and the hotel will only see only 1 wifi device connected.

Same can be done by plugging an Ethernet cable from hotel RJ45 port to the Ethernet jack on this. Again you only pay for 1 device as it transmits it’s own wifi.
So can use it as a:

* Wifi Repeater
* Wifi Bridge
* Access Point

It is the best in it’s class. Anyone buying, make sure it is the latest WD009 model (says so on back) as it is faster SD copying files than WD007 or previous WD003 version.




Another little gadget is tiny travel router. No battery so needs plugging into usb port on phone laptop etc.

Why would you need this? Because if you are in a free wifi hotspot, starbucks or airport or hotel lobby etc, your data is visible to many.
This company makes the best secure tiny travel routers.

You can use VPN and hack it too if techie to add scripts, adblock etc etc.
OpenVPN, OpenWRT, WireGuard, etc all erver or clients. If these mean nothing to you, nvm.
Best supported travel router by most top VPN companies: have zip files to download for this and all is done automatically in settinga by clicking on the your VPN company’s zip file to auto config.

Again can attach a portable modem with a sim card etc.
Link to hotel ethernet or wifi as above, to share private wifi
Again your hotel only sees 1 wifi device while many devices can use it’s wifi using hotel’s internet BUT much safer
usb slot to attach device, eg SD Card reader etc to share with connected devices
Video stream
100s of plugins, update firmware to see the huge list, great for newbies or linux techies

Mango, little yellow one, is the most famous travel router:

i have the black box AR300M16, which is the same as Mango (Mediatech chipset) but with better Qualcomm chipset, better wifi range detection etc.

The higher priced AR300M is double the price, with or without external antenaas, and has slightly more RAM.

The best travel router is their SLATE, latest version -EXT:




Many don’t leave home without one, be it the tiny one for Starbucks etc or the card deck size one for a mobile private LAN.



Posted by washere
Aug 26, 2019 at 01:25 AM


Also if recording on the phone with a mike, i have a few of these to use headphones to monitor too. As Bluetooth earpods use too much bandwidth and go off sync.


Bonne Chance.


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