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Your System - Functions and Apps That Fulfill Them

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Posted by apb123
Feb 9, 2019 at 10:54 AM


Great Topic

1. Brainstorming :: iThoughtsX / Devonthink Pro Office (I would like it to be Tinderbox but IT IS TOO EXPENSIVE!)
2. Random Notetaking :: Devonthink Pro Office / Apple notes
3. Scheduling :: BusyCal/Apple Calendars
4. Task Management :: Things 3
5. Thought Processing :: Thoughts X /Devonthink Pro Office
6. Knowledge Archive :: Devonthink Pro Office
7. Project Knowledge :: Devonthink Pro Office ((I would like it to be Tinderbox but IT IS TOO EXPENSIVE!)

If Devonthink Pro Office added mind mapping feature/ better note/markdown editor it could be my everything app.


Posted by Dellu
Feb 9, 2019 at 07:40 PM


Paul Korm wrote:
Nice topic.  My tweaks of the original list.
> >1. Brainstorming :: iThoughtsX and/or Curio (on Windows: MindManager)
>2a. Random Notetaking :: Bear (sometimes Curiota—but not much)
>2b. Intentional Notetaking :: Agenda
>3. Scheduling :: Fantastical 2 and DropTask (feeds Google ->
>4. Task Management :: OmniFocus 3 and DropTask
>5. Thought Processing :: TheBrain 10 and Curio and Tinderbox
>6. Knowledge Archive :: DEVONthink Pro Office and Evernote
>7. Project Knowledge :: I’m not sure what this category means vs.
>“Knowledge Archive”
> >8. Mail: Apple Mail (macOS) and Outlook (Windows 10)
>9. Writing: Word (mainly Windows 10); Ulysses (sometimes)

Compartmentalized lists like this sound interesting. I also have a similar system. But, unfortunately, it is a huge burden of productivity because the division is often unclear; and the movement from one system to the other hinders the productivity.

An efficient system would have all the core processes in one place. 

- Your brainstorming leads to ideas—> may to ideas that grow to extended writing. Should I stop there and move to the other app or keep on writing in the brainstorming app?

- random notes (Curiota) sometimes grow to extensive articles. Shall I stop writing in Curiota and move the note to Tinderbox as soon as it grow to few pages? When do you decide to move the note to another app?

- formal (intention note taking) sometimes end up being informal (too short). The division is also exhaustively difficult. How do you differentiate the random note from the intentional note? Can a random note be completely unintentional?

aren’t the random notes, intentional notes &  brainstormings thought processes? Isn’t there any thought process in writing a note?

Too many tools—> too many decisions to make—> waste of time and brain power.
I am subscribing to Digital Minimalism.


Posted by marlowe
Feb 9, 2019 at 09:21 PM


1. Brainstorming - Scapple
2. Random Notetaking - Google Keep
3. Scheduling :: Google Calendar
4. Task Management :: Checkvist
5. Thought Processing :: Checkvist or OmniOutliner, sometimes Curio
6. Knowledge Archive :: EagleFiler (used to be Evernote)
7. Project Knowledge :: Checkvist or OmniOutliner


Posted by Paul Korm
Feb 9, 2019 at 09:34 PM


I see this “Digital Minimalism” guy all around the blogosphere these days.  It’s interesting that people need to buy a book to tell them not to obsess over Twitter. 

Anyway, I don’t find I need to make decisions about what to use for what.  I just like software and learning what things can do and not do.  I have documents stuffed all over the place.  These things age out of relevance so it usually doesn’t matter to find them at my fingertips a month or year or more later. 

Dellu wrote:
>Too many tools—> too many decisions to make—> waste of time and
>brain power.
>I am subscribing to Digital Minimalism.


Posted by Dellu
Feb 9, 2019 at 10:11 PM


Paul Korm wrote:
I see this “Digital Minimalism” guy all around the blogosphere these

I havn’t actually read the book: just find the phrase nice for this context. But, his previous books were very good (specially Deep work). But, the point is there is always friction between the tools.

It is nice if you don’t have a problem of changing tools. For me, it has been a huge headache: how to sync the notes stored Devonthink with Tinderbox, how to get the notes written in Curiota inside Tinderbox…cutting from one tool and pasting it in another….a .whole lot of mess.

I am removing every productivity app except DEVONthink &  Scapple.
I will see if I will be less productive.


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