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Export Tree, articles, RTF, images to Treepad (.hjt) format

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Posted by HitVideo
Mar 8, 2019 at 07:41 PM


As a last hope, I paid for a license to Notecase Pro in hopes of merging many other note formats into one tool. I regret that. I’ve wasted a lot of time trying every other app that claims import/export functionality. The elephant in the room is they ALL fail to export to Treepad (.hjt)  format files so they can be re imported into other apps such as Essential PIM while using Notecase Pro as the master note keeper/editor. I’ve tried using second and third generation files and search/replace in raw files (like swaping outline/note/node) and nothing works.
Does anybody know of a separate converter program?


Posted by washere
Mar 8, 2019 at 10:38 PM


There is an app that does this.

You can import many file formats into Notcase Pro. Including tree outlines with multi nested deep level nodes in tree.

Then export from a file tree outline as OPML. Choose entire document in export.

On an Android phone, tablet or Chromebook install Halna Outliner. Either the cheap Pro version or the free version with ads.

Import the OPML from Notecase Pro by:

3 dots menu (top right of app): File: Import…

At bottom left change drop-down menu default:
Filetype (Treepad .hjt)

(N.B. Tthis is not version 2 of OPML but an alternative to Halna OPML 1 original, though imports most OPMLv1 & v2, there are numerous flavors as in markdown)

Now you can export as Treepad .hjt which will be imported fine into many apps including back into Notecase Pro itself, Treepad etc.

3 dots menu: File: Export
At bottom left drop-down menu default Export Filetype is Treepad .hjt



Posted by HitVideo
Mar 9, 2019 at 12:08 AM


Thank you.
I’d already been there done that—I thought.
What you suggested works fine getting it into plain text in Halna by selecting OPML v2 in Halna. My mistake was following another step—NoteCase Pro can also be set to save in OPML v2.0.
So, IF anybody else sees this—don’t do it or you’ll lose compatibility (like I did, wrongly). You only loose RTF and images coming back to TreePad. I can add RTF and colors back in after updating the text.
The method below is ONLY for staying with OPML 2. It results in a corrupted .hjt file otherwise.
Can NoteCase Pro Export and Import OPML v. 2.0?
OPML Export and Import by NoteCase Pro defaults to OPML v. 1.1. To switch the OPML support to OPML 2.0 requires manual editing of the notecase_pro.ini file. The steps for the switch are:
1. Look up the location of the .notecase directory on your system in .notecase Directory.
2. Make sure that you have a plain text editor installed that supports UTF-8 character encoding without byte order marking (“BOM”). See Choosing a Plain Text Editor.
3. Close NoteCase Pro.
4. In your plain text editor, navigate to the .notecase directory and open the notecase_pro.ini file.
5. Add the following lines at the end of the file:

        [OPML Format]

6. Save the file.
7. Relaunch NoteCase Pro.
NoteCase Pro will now import and export OPML 2.0 files by selecting OPML as the format in the Import and Export dialogs. IF importing into Android Halna AND the article part does not show then go back to Version 1.1
**To switch back to OPML 1.1, repeat the steps above but in step 5, search & delete the specified lines.


Posted by Lb
Mar 9, 2019 at 12:45 AM


I’m in the same boat as you so maybe can help you out a little.  I use EssentialPIM along with other information managers and was searching for the same thing you were.  I think I’ve tried them all, like a lot of others here.  Currently I’m using EPIM, NoteCase Pro Windows and Android, RightNote and InfoQube.

There are two programs I found that export (or are native) to TreePad format nicely, but not sure what you need in an Information Manager.

The first one is obviously TreePad.

The second one is MyInfo Pro.  It exports perfect TreePad .hjt files that import easily into EPIM, which it seems like you want to do.  EPIM doesn’t export notes in tree format easily though.

Like I said you didn’t mention what you wanted in an Information Manager that does export to TreePad.  Like many others here, I wish I could combine parts of every IM I use or tried to make the perfect program, but there doesn’t seem to be just one.


Posted by Lb
Mar 9, 2019 at 02:04 PM


I’m curious why you thought that NoteCase Pro exported Treepad files. I thought I was missing something so checked it out this morning but couldn’t find anything that mentions it or any option to do this.  Did you check out the Trial version?  NCP does import TreePad files nicely but I didn’t see anything about exporting


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