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Export Tree, articles, RTF, images to Treepad (.hjt) format

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Posted by HitVideo
Mar 9, 2019 at 06:51 PM


Thank you to washere and LB.
The Elephant in the Room I referred to is that for years people have complained about the lack of STANDARD tree/outliner file IMPORT AND EXPORT formats. They all claim to import many formats BUT fail to export to ‘some standard’ and refuse to improve over the years. It’s Black Hole thinking that says ‘import everything and don’t let it back out’.

Yes, I saw that NoteCase Pro doesn’t promote Exporting to Treepad (.hjt) format, but it appeared from the trial version that maybe one of the export formats would be a clean bridge to other apps. NoteCase Pro has some other advantages over TreePad Plus that I hoped would win out in my outline/note consolidation process. However, the Export of NoteCase Pro to HTML, MD, and OPML both version 1.1 and 2.0 to Android Halna (which I really like on Android but no Windows equivalent) introduces unrecognized characters when Exporting Halna back to Treepad format to then be sent back to Windows to import into Essential PIM (which I don’t love either due to bugs). But, I hate Microsoft and Google worse. A tedious process when done frequently. It’s looks like I will be going back to TreePad Plus in spite of missing lower priority features (I’m also exploring going back to KeyNote NF because it has the needed features, although it’s going obsolete).

I’m retired now, but I used to test major software projects and wrote code to automate a wide scope of the process (i.e., White/Black Box, GUI, load testing, user acceptance tests). So… I tend to hold critical views about software not responding to long standing customer’s needs. Back when working my go-to Information Mgmt. tools were TreeDBNotes and InfoCube to keep track of rapidly changing details and status on many sub projects merging into larger projects. Now those have gotten better but much harder to justify the expense for my retirement needs (like consolidating and updating many other notes/outlines into one tool/format) and then importing the most current/prioritized stuff into a calendar type app with reminders/sub tasks/note details, etc., that is also not part of NoteCase Pro.

So, in my awkward way, I was asking NoteCase Pro to add functionality to ALSO Export to the defacto TreePad file format that can be easily be imported into calendar apps like Essential PIM.

Thanks again for your responses.
Larry W.


Posted by washere
Mar 9, 2019 at 09:54 PM


Yes productivity apps do more imports Filetype formats than exports, to stop people going elsewhere I guess. In fact more exports would make them more successful.

Unfortunately there will be no Halna for Windows as he does it in his spare time. Works even better on a Chromebook. There are good Chromebooks now half the price of Pixel and Samsung Pro and of similar quality. Older good ones are much cheaper too second hand. Battery lasts all day.

You might want to try converting the Notecase opml export to other txt formats. Maybe Unicode utf8 and other txt formats in another app, MS Word etc. Might fix the problem, same test with halna output. I never had that problem importing Notecase opml. Opml 2 (minimal, so imports exports most v1 & v2 flavors) format for halna app was my spec.

You might want to make a little opml export file from notecase, few nodes and one node maybe with 3 sublevels, and send it to PIM essential dev. Just a few lines of texts, each line a few words, one node with multi lines for data.

He should have an opml import in this day and age anyway and the devs usually have no allergy to import formats as long as it’s easy. And opml is easier than Treepad or keynote filetypes he’s done. You might contact the Notecase dev too and ask what format opml txt his export is if you can’t figure it out yourself. He’s a nice guy too.

All the best.


Posted by HitVideo
Mar 9, 2019 at 10:21 PM


WOW and Thank you again to washere and LB.

I’m happy to report, I’m not such a grouchy old man now !!!
The recommendation to MyInfo Pro so far is looking like a HOT TIP. So far, It’s looking like it does EVERYTHING I hoped. It is maintaining ALL the structure, RTF, and colors I hoped for without lots of fuss.

I’m OK with using tables in the article/note pane when I need that for checkboxes or prioritizing lists. It even has a calendar that I haven’t tried yet, but the TreePad Plus note imports into Essential PIM seem to be PERFECT. It’ll be worth buying and going back to my conversion process.

Oh yea, I had tried the UTF-8 combinations. One remaining thing I haven’t retested is that I had lots of recipes in TreePad Plus formats where apparently there was the single character symbols for fractions (like 1/2 cup) that messed up but I have already gone through my favorites to change to three character fractions.
Thanks a bunch !
Larry W.


Posted by Lb
Mar 10, 2019 at 01:03 AM


Glad to help.  One thing I test a lot with all the different IM’s is the export / import capabilities.  I have lots of bridges between IM’s to get the info from one to another.

I thought I’d mention also that since you own a license to NoteCase Pro to try posting on their forum and ask if there’s a script that can be adjusted or created to export to TreePad format.  The guys there are pretty awesome about helping out and guiding you along. I had a problem with the exporting and importing and Miro, Paul and Daniel jumped on to help within a day.  They even guided me along with questions I had about scripting in Lua and sent their own information for me to use.  It’s really great to see a forum where they help so much.  Just like Pierre at InfoQube, that’s another really helpful and nice guy and forum. And of course this forum.  I found out so much just from reading a lot of the posts.

I use the Windows and Android versions of NCP and have made that my main IM I’m using.  It’s fast and works great with Android (even encryption). Now I pretty much use that for notes and barely touch EPIM notes.  But I still love trying and using all the other IM’s I can get my hands on.

Have a good one,


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