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Posted by Alexander Deliyannis
Jul 12, 2022 at 01:41 PM


Interesting LifeTime Deal:


Posted by taskcade
Jul 19, 2022 at 04:18 AM


Alexander Deliyannis wrote:
Interesting LifeTime Deal:

Thanks for sharing! We are running a special through a partnership with AppSumo this month, would appreciate the support. 

If anyone has questions, do ping us directly over at https://www.taskade.com/contact.

For feedback and suggestions, please post to https://www.taskade.com/feedback.

Note that we are also working on more import, pasting improvements, and next integration with Zapier / Make + APIs.

Stay tuned!
John at Taskade


Posted by taskcade
Aug 26, 2022 at 03:50 PM


Hi everyone,

Taskade’s Chrome Extension now works for Brave Browsers. Give it a try over at https://www.taskade.com/downloads.

We are also updating our Firefox and Edge Browser extension this week.



Posted by taskcade
Aug 30, 2022 at 10:06 PM


Hi Taskaders ߎ‰

We’ve worked hard to make Taskade work better for you! Here’s what’s new:

⚡️ New Zapier Integration

You can now automate Taskade with Zapier! This beta release supports (1) Action to create a task and (2) Trigger for tasks due. Let us know what you’d like to see next. More updates will follow soon. Learn more.

> https://zapier.com/apps/taskade/integrations

⚡️ Browser Extensions

We’ve released a major update for Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Microsoft Edge. Right-click to Add to Taskade now automatically saves hyperlinks and rich text. Left-click to Quick Add now supports editing in markdown. ✍️

> https://www.taskade.com/downloads

⚡️ Mobile Applications

What’s new for Taskade on iOS & Android:

New: Mixed formatting support.
New: Pin projects to your home screen.
New: Offline support → Quick Add capture.
New: Offline support → Open and view projects.
New: Deep linking support for Android 12.
New: Profile avatar display for push notifications.
Fix: Notifications now highlight and scroll directly to the task.
Fix: Hardware keyboard support for iOS and Android.

ߎ‰ Other Improvements

New: Quick Add now supports markdown.
New: Taskade.com homepage has been entirely re-designed. ߎ‰
New: Search #hashtags across all projects → taskade.com/search.
New: Complete tasks directly in search results → taskade.com/search.
New: New languages supported for /slash command due dates.
Fix: Copy projects and templates now duplicate all add-ons, including file attachments, comments, due dates, embeds, and more.
Fix: Multi-select now works correctly using shortcut shift + up or down.
Fix: Lists with strike-through now paste as completed tasks.
Fix: Number and alphanumeric lists going out of order.
Fix: Checker Role members unable to complete nested tasks.
Fix: Improved enter logic when outlining task lists and notes.
Fix: Improved visual cues and formatting for list hierarchy.
Fix: Improved copy and pasting from various platforms.
Bug fixes and performance improvements

Source:  https://www.taskade.com/blog/zapier-automate-web-clipper-extension/



Posted by taskcade
Sep 7, 2022 at 07:58 PM


Keyboard Shortcuts are a simple yet powerful way to hack your productivity levels. ⚡️ ߧ  ✅ Here’s a list of my personal favorites for my daily workflow on Taskade:

1. / Slash Command

Type “/” to access every command. Add due dates, change formats, create new blocks and much more. Speed up your workflow without touching your mouse.

Pro tip: NLP is supported to create due dates and reminders quickly. For example, type “/next Monday 7am”.

2. CTRL / ⌘ + K anywhere

Looking to jump to a specific project or simply want to add a new task quickly?

This shortcut is perfect and works from anywhere in Taskade.

3. CTRL / ⌘ + F in a project

Search and filter any project or document with this simple shortcut. It acts both as a finder and filter.

Pro tip: You can continue to edit your tasks and notes while the search filter is on!

4. CTRL / ⌘ + Enter = Complete / uncomplete a task

Quickly check off tasks. You can even select and complete multiple items (tasks, notes, paragraphs) and blocks at once. Give it a try!

5. Tab = Indent task / move right
Shift + Tab = Outdent / move left

These are just some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts. Have any shortcut requests or suggestions? Let us know over at http://taskade.com/feedback!


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