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Posted by taskcade
Feb 9, 2022 at 11:54 PM


Hi Taskaders ߎ‰

We’ve worked hard to make Taskade work better for you! Here’s what’s new:

ߚ€ New iPad & Tablet Update
We have improved the Taskade iPad and Android tablet experience to give you faster browsing, organization, and multi-tasking on the go. Give it a try!

ߓ Project Settings
You can now disable chat and comments for each project or template via the project settings menu at the bottom left corner.

ߑ Video Call Reactions
Video calls just got a lot more fun with visual and audible reactions!

ߎ‰ Other Improvements
New: Regenerate invite links when sharing a workspace or folder.
Improved search results for tasks, comments, projects.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Thanks again for supporting Taskade, and as always, don’t hesitate to reach out or visit our help center if you need help. We’re here for you! ߘŠ

— Team Taskade ߐ‘

P.S. Want to help us improve Taskade? You can also suggest a feature here or over at https://www.taskade.com/feedback


Posted by taskcade
Mar 2, 2022 at 09:58 PM


ߚ€ New in Taskade!

ߔ Repeat Tasks + End Date
✍️ Improved Copy & Paste
⚡️ iPad & Tablet Update

and more! http://www.taskade.com/blog/repeat-tasks-end-date-copy-paste

1. You can now end repeating tasks on a specific date or after a number of repeats. Best of all, the feature is now free to use for everyone! 

2. We’ve improved the text editing experience when copying and pasting. The new system widens support across other apps and platforms.

3. Taskade on iPad and tablet now supports quick access to team tasks, templates, and completed projects in each workspace and folder.
ߎ‰ Other Improvements

- New: Project setting now includes the option to set the default view.
- Shared with me displays all external projects and folders.
- Mobile widgets have been improved on iOS & Android.
- Sign-in with Apple is now available on all platforms.
- Bug fixes ߐž

- John at Taskade


Posted by taskcade
Mar 11, 2022 at 07:28 AM


We have just released v4.2.0 of Taskade’s Desktop App!

Download it here: https://www.taskade.com/downloads for Mac, Windows, and Linux!


● New: Tabs now display workspace and folder color
● Improved tab management and organization
● Drag and move tabs across windows
● Re-open all tabs on app restart
● Bug fixes and performance improvements

If you have feature requests or suggestions for Taskade, let us know at https://taskade.com/feedback


Posted by taskcade
Mar 27, 2022 at 11:57 PM


Taskade for Desktop v4.2.1 Changelog: 

- Fix broken Hide Mini Taskade 
- Enable Help menu in non-macOS platforms 
- Show random window when launching second-instance
-  Remove unnecessary services from app menu on all platforms 
-  Windows: Fallback to Arial and don’t set window icon 
-  Windows: Fix incorrect product name for tray icon


John at Taskade


Posted by taskcade
Apr 4, 2022 at 04:07 PM


ߚ€ New in Taskade!

✍️ /Slash Command
⚡️ Calendar View
⚡️ New Reminders
⚡️ Quick Add for Desktop

and more ߑ‰ https://www.taskade.com/blog/slash-command-calendar-view-quick-add/

⚡️ /Slash Command

Type “/” to add due dates, change formatting, create new blocks, and much more! Speed up your workflow with the new “/” command. Learn more.

⚡️ Calendar View

A new project view appeared! Add and edit tasks, drag and drop to prioritize, and visualize your project by day, week, or month in the Calendar View. Learn more.
⚡️ New Reminders

You can now add reminders to your due dates and get notified minutes or hours in advance. In addition, an option to remove notifications. Learn more.
⚡️ Quick Add for Desktop

Desktop apps now supports quick add in the menu bar. In addition, you can access quick add directly via the taskade.com/add page. Learn more.

ߎ‰ Other Improvements

Taskade for Desktop v4.2.1 Update:
- New: Tabs now display workspace and folder color
- Improved tab management and organization
- Drag and move tabs across windows
- Re-open all tabs on the app restart

Taskade for Mobile v3.3.27 Update:

- Improved tablet workspace tabs performance
- Improved sharing to Taskade
- Fixed highlighted task colors

- New: Embed any links — You can now add any links to a task as a bookmark. Supported embed links will continue to load preview in-app.
- New: Quick Formatting — Try the new /slash command to format your tasks.
- Added support for numbered and lettered lists at the top block level.
- Moved project settings to the top right corner of the project menu.
- Upload files for free from Google Drive, Dropbox, and more!
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Have any questions? Simply visit our help center or let us know! ߘŠ

— Team Taskade ߐ‘


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