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CRIMP Defined





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Posted by Bernhard
Nov 10, 2016 at 10:45 AM


Thank you very much for the detailed comments!


Paul Korm wrote:
v1.6.0 is available on the MAS too.  Lots of “new” and “fixed” things in
>the release notes.
> >Ready for prime time?  Regretfully the app keeps missing the mark for
>some reason.  It’s definitely being worked on aggressively—which is a
>good thing, but there are little bugs everywhere that get in the way:
> >“Send To” is now an active command—but it doesn’t do what the command
>name implies: it means “Schedule this ToDo on a calendar (your choice).
>Interesting feature—but the schedule dialog doesn’t let us enter a
>time later than 9:59 AM!  Try to enter “10:00” and you get “00.10”—
>this is just sloppy and if the feature had been tested the flaw would
>have been noticed.
> >There’s no apparent way to merely export a markdown file with the
>contents of the notes for a given day—short of copy/paste. 
> >Lots of other bugs and UI command inconsistencies and oddities.
> >Don’t get me wrong—the app is *totally* usable—it could just be a
>lot better.  Especially because the concept is so interesting and
> >Bernhard wrote:
> >>
>>Paul Korm wrote:
>>I bought the App Store version.  Not ready for prime time.
>>Now, there is an update v1.6.0 that can pe purchased directly (not
>>Unfortunately, there is an announcement of a new increases price:
>>“With this update, the price will be changed to $19,99 after 72 hours.
>>So grab your copy now!”
>>Would v1.6.0 be ready for prime time?


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