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CRIMP Defined





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Posted by Eduard
Oct 9, 2016 at 11:30 AM


Thanks Paul!

I understand. There is no way to link together notes as of now. I was just implementing a feature to make links between days (as mentioned in earlier post) and testing it out. Looks very useful when scheduling. Makes it faster to jump between the days. Will test it for a while, before releasing.

Linking standalone notes with daily notes is a bit more complicated. Daily notes have the comfort of being snapped to a date, which can be used as a short link. For linking standalone notes I will need to come up with another solution to add a short link. But I have some ideas.


Posted by Paul Korm
Oct 9, 2016 at 03:40 PM


Eduard, I have a suggestion.  Standalone notes are like the rows in a matrix, and daily notes are like columns.  (The metaphor works even if you flip rows for columns.)  In Ulysses and some other apps we have what is sometimes called a “Scrivener view” (because the view is so popular there).  If you select multiple sheets or documents in a view then you see an aggregated display of all those sheets—as if they formed a single document.  So why not just have one “kind” of document (standalone) and think of the calendar view as an aggregate of all the standalone documents that are referenced on that calendar date.  So, we select a calendar cell.  We see a composite of the documents containing the tasks in that cell, we can see the tasks in their original context (with notes etc.), you could add a divider between those documents to make it clear where one ends and another begins, and your could highlight the tasks that occur in that calendar cell. 

Look at me—inventing a bunch of coding work I don’t have to do!! But this might make the UX more straight forward.


Posted by Paul Korm
Oct 9, 2016 at 03:45 PM


BTW—from a data perspective, Ulysses does something like this.  We can make a “filter” in Ulysses and the result is a list of all the documents satisfying the filter’s parameters—a list in which we can select one, some, or all documents and see displayed a view composited from the selection on the fly.  In the case of your app, the “filter” is the calendar cell. 


Posted by Marbux
Oct 9, 2016 at 08:34 PM


Eduard, I have no idea whether this would work with your program. But in NoteCase Pro, each node has a 22-character UID node property (node ID) that is URI-compatible (URI compatibility is important for HTML export). The UIDs are the output of a pseudo-random character generator. Hyperlinks have the UID as the link target. This works amazingly well for links to nodes. But there is a second linking method for inline link targets, where the user supplies the link target name via an input dialog that, inter alia, lists all the existing inline target names in the document. 


Posted by Eduard
Oct 13, 2016 at 06:19 PM


Hi Paul, thanks for the tip. I saw this view first time in Ulysses and also thought of implementing it, but NotePlan was too “raw” at that point of time. Your comment prompts me to rethink how to integrate this the most useful. I have added it to my list and will think of a design around this. I definitely love this feature in Ulysses.

Thanks Marbux, I think for NotePlan the plain filename should be sufficient. The saving algos already take care that the names stay unique in the folders as long as nobody is changing them manually. So that the link or UID would not clutter the text, I was thinking of using a normal markdown link [name](url), but with a special name, like [#link](noteplan://my-backlog.txt), which would be folded, so that only a clickable #link stays.


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