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amazing new software discovered = YouMinds Composer !

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Posted by donleone
Jul 16, 2014 at 11:06 AM


just stumbled over this amazing piece of software!

it has a huge array of amazingly interesting ways to display your data

+ tagging

+ unlimited custom fields/metadata

(use @fieldname to access the value of another field and combine it with another!!)

+ drill down views

+ instant search (either into a list or right on the graphical canvas)

+ task management (with progress icons)

+ tables as collapsible nodes

+ calendar (+ Gant chart)

+ amazing presentation mode

+ statistics

and a simple DOUBLE-CLICK on any shape with sub-items under it,
will auto-hoist you into that item as the new center,
while at the top automatically maintaining a bread-crump navigation,
so you can keep navigating unlimited levels DEEP into it,
without ever having to scroll at all, and neither loose sight of where you are.

and the whole program is completely FREE !!

available for both WINDOWS + MAC

you have to check it out

i just began experimenting with it myself,
and already am finding it extremely fluid & versatile,
surely to become one of my favorite visual tools of all.

see here:



Posted by donleone
Jul 16, 2014 at 11:47 AM


just discovered (under the Screen Presentation Tab),
you can have many more views of your data like:

- Outline Mode View

- Walk Through Mode (a kind of auto-hoisting flat list)

- Mind-map Mode

- SlideShow Mode

- Review Mode (sequential going through it all)

so that apart from the purpose of presenting,
you can also use these views for yourself
to get a different perspective.

there are also so many visual designs
that really can make it look very appealing
and motivating to work on/with,
which each style full customizable
down to almost everything.

- attachments are supported too (seems linked only)

- cross-connections can be established
similar to theBrain either direct line based
or via an instant pop-up search box.

- there is a comments/revisions sidebar that can be turned on/off
similar to how the comments feature works in Word

- wow! full MDI support, just open new editor in tab and drag side by side

just thought to add these discoveries too…



Posted by donleone
Jul 16, 2014 at 12:17 PM


here also a quick screenshot of its MDI ability:
(left outline view / middle blocks map / right notes pane)


- you can turn to show/hide cross-connections off
(so my former theBrain problem is thus nicely avoided)

- you can also export to like 20+ formats out
among of PDF / Webpages / PowerPoint Slideshow + mediaWIKI :-)

- even has an internal browser in its own tab



Posted by Hugh
Jul 16, 2014 at 02:55 PM


Very interesting indeed - thanks for bringing it to attention.

Looking at it very, very briefly, I have a concern - which is also, I notice, raised by reviewers - about the sparseness of its documentation, especially when the software itself has so many options and controls. Is it very intuitive to use?


Posted by donleone
Jul 16, 2014 at 02:59 PM


you can also drag & drop websites on it

and it will auto-create a nicely organized pinboard
with the title + description + icon of it auto pulled

looking like this:

and you can include any module into any module
so that you can work in a notebook view,
and just in one line of it include a whole collapsible mindmap,
or in a mindmap brach include a whole popup notebook module :-)

furthermore, you can also sort all the items (including the tables)

group and ungroup things

AND CREATE CLONES TOO !!!!!!!!!! wow

to create clones, just copy an item, and then right-click and “paste as a reference”

and ALL the changes in one, will be instantly reflected in ALL “references”

so amazing software !!


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