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CRIMP Defined




amazing new software discovered = YouMinds Composer !

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Posted by yosemite
Dec 1, 2014 at 04:35 AM


FYI it looks like YouMinds Composer 5 was just released.

Release notes:

Pro version is $119


Posted by MadaboutDana
Dec 2, 2014 at 01:18 PM


Thanks, Yosemite, I’ll take a look (haven’t really finished playing with 4 yet, but still…)


Posted by TempusFugit
Mar 2, 2015 at 09:18 PM


Don (and all interested)-

I peek in to this OS forum from time to time.

I am just testing CT vs RightNote and I have been using theBrain, since September 2014.

i just noticed your posts about “YouMinds” and I believe you also are familiar with “theBrain”.

It seems like one rationally must go with one or the other.

Which of these mind mapping PIMs has emerged as a favorite for you?  And if you like YMs, have you ID’d an efficient data transfer methodology from TB??

One has to finally settle on 1 PIM and just commit and I value the intelligence of this forum.

Best, Qalisto

donleone wrote:
just a quick tip on cloning,
>that otherwise might
>drive someone crazy:
> >say you got many “clones” of blocks etc. made
>(or as YouMinds calls it “references”)
> >and you want now to delete 1 clone/reference,
>then DON’T just delete it or you’ll immediately delete
>ALL the clones including the source all-together :-))
> >(but which can be very useful to mass “trim” branches,
>in the style of TheBrain gardening etc.)
> >But if you really want to just delete THIS ONE CLONE,
>then you have to first click on its icon and select “UNLINK”
>and then you can do with it what you want and delete it,
>without effecting any of the others.
> >greetings
> >


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