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amazing new software discovered = YouMinds Composer !

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Posted by donleone
Jul 16, 2014 at 03:04 PM


Hugh wrote:
Very interesting indeed - thanks for bringing it to attention.
> >Looking at it very, very briefly, I have a concern - which is also, I
>notice, raised by reviewers - about the sparseness of its documentation,
>especially when the software itself has so many options and controls. Is
>it very intuitive to use?

sadly no full help file,

but if you press F1 everything you hover over
gets a context popup help that is pretty useful,

and yes,
for something soo powerful
(= unlimited clones / unlimited custom fields / field combinations / MDI and what not)
its about the easiest visual software i ever tried !

i sure will use it.



Posted by Jorge Watanabe
Jul 16, 2014 at 05:28 PM


I’ve just downloaded and installed it. Sounds very interesting (although complex). Will take a closer look this weekend.


Posted by donleone
Jul 16, 2014 at 05:53 PM


furthermore, just discovered:

YouMinds is able to do FULL internally saved attachments
(and links to external files of course too)

so to attach a file,
you just simply drag it unto any shape
where you want it to be,
(or else right-click add attachment)
and then you get presented with this screen:

and i on purpose tested it, with even a 1GB attachment, and it took it in 20s copied!


and it’s all stored inside a single database file of one file per project.

furthermore, the software is actually in some diagrams “smart” too.

going in these, beyond just static shapes & lines.

for example,
depending on which diagram you choose
there are additional custom programmed options
just for that shape alone!

some “smart” examples are:

in the IDEA BOX diagram,

boxes have an option to be made visible & hidden with a single click
(for brainstorming purposes etc.), and if hidden the whole placeholder gets
automatically crossed over.

in the NOTEBOOK module
you can create side-pages like in OneNote,

and listen to this (!!) = you can have a Scrivenings View too !!!
that combines all the pages into ONE VIEW like this
and that just like in Scrivener,
you can fully edit in that view as-well !!

so from this “Pages View”:

to a “Scrivenings View” like this:

so amazing! (this guy took the best of everything and combined it best he knew :-))

then have a look at this SLIDESHOW module
(pages stack-able into itself :-)


- and for those calender fans, it provides a Google Calender Sync too.

- then there is also a “bookmarks” feature
(in form of a drop-down menu)
which is a kind of a favorites collection
that goes exactly back to the edit position
as you had it when you bookmarked it.

- also every single view, regardless of which one,
has uniformly in the top left corner an “outline panel” pop-up button,
in which all the items used on that view can be quick accessed,
and also in which their quick hierarchy can be observed.

- furthermore, the optimal view for MDI purposes seems to be to
“minimize” the 3rd right notes & tool panel (as per my former MDI screenshot)
and make it slide in automatically only when needed,
leaving thus full screen-space for the visual and/or 2 windows in parallel.

- you can even insert ENTIRE FOLDERS and it will automatically replicate
the folder structure with shapes AND for each file show also a shape with full image previews !!
(very useful if exactly here, you press to LINK instead of internally save,
so that you can use then YouMinds as a kind of meta file manager dashboard
just like people have been doing with TheBrain for a long time)

- finally, some handy Shortcuts discovered:

Backspace = zooms into a shape (auto-centering & blending out all others)

Shift+Backspace = goes back 1 level up

Return key (not enter) = adds a sibling next to it

Ctrl+Return key = adds a child item

Shift+Return key = adds a new item in-between

Alt+Return key = edit the description of a shape

Alt+Shift+Return key = Opens Properties panel of an item/shape

that’s about it friends,
i am definitely moving
into this software :-)


Posted by Franz Grieser
Jul 16, 2014 at 06:44 PM


H Donleone

Thanks for bringing that up. It looks really interesting (judging from your screenshots and the tour on the website). I’ll look into it next weekend.
First I was a bit cautious: Such a “monster” of a tool - for free (reminds me of Curio, and that costs $100). But the developer seems to be a serious guy (just look at his Xing profile).
Have you contacted him?

Regards, Franz


Posted by donleone
Jul 16, 2014 at 06:54 PM


Franz Grieser wrote:
H Donleone
> >Thanks for bringing that up. It looks really interesting (judging from
>your screenshots and the tour on the website). I’ll look into it next
>First I was a bit cautious: Such a “monster” of a tool - for free
>(reminds me of Curio, and that costs $100). But the developer seems to
>be a serious guy (just look at his Xing profile).
>Have you contacted him?
> >Regards, Franz

funny you ask, i actually tried to contact him just before via e-mail,
in thought to suggest (or donate something perhaps)
for a possible feature development,
but have not yet received a response.

Truly, this really is “the” Curio alternative,
and in some parts even more flexible than it,
for example, i am not aware that curio supports “cloning”
but this amazing freeware tool does!


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