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Evernote + Scrivener to write a book?

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Posted by Alexander Deliyannis
Oct 18, 2011 at 08:08 PM


Vincek wrote:
>All, I also posted this same question on the Evernote forum and have received additional
>helpful feedback:
>Hugh… see espec comment by AndyDent. 

This cross-posting is brilliant; you’ve really hit into something Vince; posting the same question in different forums and getting independent results! I suggest you also try the Scrivener forum, they might provide another complimentary approach. Thanks for the cross-link.

I wasn’t able to see any comment by an AndyDent; I found 4 posts in total, two from yourself, one from Gazumped and one from GrumpyMonkey… Am I missing something?

Re the two (unanswered as far as I could see) questions you posted there, I am copying them here because I find them of wider interest:

“...for my purpose of writing a book, help me understand what are possible advantages of syncing info BACK to Evernote?”

From my personal point of view… none. If you use Evernote for gathering reference material, what would the benefit of tampering with that material? At best you would be annotating it, no? In that case, you’d probably be better off doing the annotation in the ‘body’ of your main work, i.e. separate the references from your own writing.

“I am not clear on the value add you see in using a text editor outside of Scrivener”

I think the main reason for using any kind of writing tool outside your main writing environment is precisely that: distance from the main work. For example, you may focus on a specific section, uninfluenced by the multitude of texts around you. It’s similar to using ‘hoist’ in an outliner.

I such an instance, iPad’s limitations (not running Scrivener, limited multitasking) actually become advantages.


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