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Intelligent parsing of messages?

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Posted by Alexander Deliyannis
Oct 18, 2011 at 10:18 PM


I’m looking for a ‘simple’ program that could parse my messages posted on Yammer—a sort of basic activity journal entries- and organise them by tags/dates for further use. My entries are of the following structure:

Alexander Deliyannis: Sent John the first newsletter proposal for #project
02:58 PM - Oct 07

Answering my own question, I imagine that Zoot could identify the “:” delimiter and possibly the #project tag. Reading the date is more tricky, but there’s probably a simple workaround: the Yammer messages are sent as a daily digest to an email address; Zoot could simply read that email address and classify entries by the email date, which is good enough; the time of the day is not important.

So, I could try Zoot. But I wonder whether it’s overkill.

I also imagine that Regular Expressions (which I am not really familiar with) could provide an alternative, but I am not aware of tools that automate such classification through regular expressions. As far as I know, these are mostly used for intelligent albeit manual search.

I should note that the # tags provide Yammer itself with the ability to filter posts per project; however, the point would be to keep in one place all notes about a project and not to split them between different tools. All of my other notes are mostly plain text and/or emails so I could copy them almost anywhere.


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