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ConnectedText v5

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Posted by Eduardo Mauro
Sep 21, 2011 at 03:16 PM


I would like to invite all forum participants to try the latest version of ConnectedText (http://www.connectedtext.com). I will be glad to hear any comments about it and discuss its features. If you find here is not the the proper place to do it, you can post in our forum.

Best regards,
Eduardo Mauro


Posted by Jorge Watanabe
Sep 21, 2011 at 04:56 PM


I am glad and a kind of pride, as I’ve just visited your site and realized that your company is Brazilian—and you, of course.

I am from Brazil too and I will surely try your app




Posted by Eduardo Mauro
Sep 21, 2011 at 05:19 PM


Thanks Jorge! BTW, I have a good friend with the same surname as you.


Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Sep 21, 2011 at 08:33 PM



Congratulations. I’m looking forward to trying CT 5.

Steve Z.


Posted by Pavi
Sep 22, 2011 at 09:32 AM


Dear Eduardo and readers,

I downloaded ConnectedText V5 for a quick trial, and all I can say is… WOW! This is one of the most powerful, full featured information management programs I have ever see. I am shocked that I never found or considered it when looking for my own “perfect system”.

My quick impressions might not get some features correct, and hopefully Eduardo can jump in and help correct me both where I lack expertise and where I have some questions myself.

ConnectedText is a personal wiki system, which adds an enormous feature set. Some things that jump out: rich editing of pages, collapsible headings, outline view (making a 2-pane outliner of sorts), topic and categories with hierarchical structure and autotagging, map overview of content (navigator), linking of multiple kinds of content (both within and files/images), different views (ie. outline, navigator, topics, files, etc.) that are dockable anywhere, excellent search,  a Python API for scripting, history, versioning, a comparison tool for revisions, and many other tools not mentioned.

There does seem to be a learning curve due to the power of the application. My impression is that this will appeal to all individuals who like the ability to build their data abstractly, as you aren’t locked into a tree navigation structure as with most outliners. Having said that, I personally like a tree: UltraRecall, for example, has a strict structure of the tree, but is flexible with the content, especially though the attribute system. ConnectedText is flexible with both, but without the ability to embed some content/file types as far as I can tell. The outline also requires a bit more work to work as a traditional 2-paner, presumably because that is not how it is intended to function. This software is ideal for those who want to build up their data, and interconnect it in a flexible and organic way.

One main limitation, as far as I can tell, is that there is no ability to embed certain file types (like PDF) and index them. Unfortunately, I seem to be comparing ConnectedText to UltraRecall, my tool of choice, but UR also has a very handy system of making forms that then act as repositories in the “child items” window, for cataloging of information. This type of feature might be difficult to implement in CT. Lastly, writing in the wiki style seems a bit time consuming.

I plan to stay with UR since one main function I need is to embed PDFs, e-mail and other docs for cross-referenced search. I hope to find a way to incorporate CT in the future though, as it provides a scripting system to search across information, something I hoped to do at one point.

Again, congratulations on creating such a fine product, and I do hope that people investigate this for their workflows.

Best, /Pavi

Eduardo Mauro wrote:
>I would like to invite all forum participants to try the latest version of
>ConnectedText (http://www.connectedtext.com). I will be glad to hear any comments about it
>and discuss its features. If you find here is not the the proper place to do it, you can
>post in our forum.
> >Best regards,
>Eduardo Mauro


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