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Let's Move -- Last One Turn Out the Lights!

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Note: This message is from the outliners.com archive kindly provided by Dave Winer.

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Posted by daly_de_gagne
2006-02-22 16:26:07


I found this post at our new home—so let’s stop posting here, and move!


“Dear member,

Apparently the outliners.com discussion list system has collapsed; anything
posted after February 19 eventually disappears.

In order to continue the discussion, we suggest that you join the Yahoo group
set up as a backup, at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/outliners-pims/

For the moment it seems that older Outliners.com messages have not been
affected; these may be easily searched and referenced through Google’s Advanced
Search, by setting Outliners.com at the Domain field.

If you have the means to contribute to a more permanent solution that will
maintain the original Outliners.com archive, please post a message to the Yahoo
group in order to discuss the options.

That’s it for the moment,
More as it happens,

Alexander Deliyannis
Stephen Cohen
Steve Zeoli”


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