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Why Are We Posting Here?

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Note: This message is from the outliners.com archive kindly provided by Dave Winer.

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Posted by daly_de_gagne
2006-02-22 16:19:01


Every day this week we have had posts disappear. There is no reason, no explanation, no accountability by anyone.

Dave Winer seems beyond the reach of the internet, and we don’t even no for sure he is still involved. At least two of us have tried to get the guy to respond.

Our discussions are important and valued by all of us who post here regularly, and probably by people who read regularly though they never post.

We have an alternative site over at Yahoo that was set up to cover the contingency of Outliners.com going belly-up or, as now seems the case, regularly self-destructing.

So why are we still here?

Can we make a decision to leave this site behind?

I have a Yahoo group that has 3,700 members, and I can tell you that whatever Yahoo’s faults, they are nothing ocmpared with the aggravation of trying to post to this site.



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