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By WHAT do you (in parallels) structure? (woof-woof!)

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Posted by 22111
Oct 22, 2022 at 06:59 PM


Another round-up, after several months - and again, I use a clearly “defined” thread of these, so that nobody could legitly complain on being bothered by my points of view…

Somebody had linked to:

which declares that on Oct 14, 2015, and thus together with W10, OneNote will be discarded: good riddance, I, always having preached that yes, you should not integrate too many “levels” into your outline, always thought that ON’s way of handling your “item’s hierarchy” was sub-standard, by all applicable standards… (And as always with google’s “instructional” vids, I don’t “get” why they just say, what they have to say, in a single phrase then? It might be their expected ad revenues, then, entitling them to steal our lifetime? Whatever…)

A dozen or so of years ago, I had put my purse on my car roof, and then, of course, I lost it, and then, strolling the roads I had driven didn’t give any result - in fact, it was a very beautiful and effective purse, just for coins, so the loss was not into $$$ but from losing something dear… Just some weeks ago, I finally did-it-again - had never done such a foolish thing in-between indeed -: I put my about-120-bucks smartphone onto my car roof, fetching some other things within the house in-between, and had thought, “this time, I mustn’t do it as I did then”... and, of course, I lost my phone this time… hahaha! Well: it seems to be unavoidable!

Well, it was a dual-SIM, with two cards, one for each of “my” countries, but they were secured by the usual 4-digit code, whilst my “apps” weren’t, so I wonder what the happy finder will “do” - i.e. muse? - about my 3 aGrep (!) files: b for books, c for CDs, and d for DVDs: “What?!”, they might think: some high, 5-digit, number of entries, all-together: are they nuts?!” - whatever: I thus am in need of a replacement for my on-the-road DBs, in order of not buying, again, triples or even quadruples of items which I already own.

Here, first, an aside: I had told you that I had been able to discard “the SIM cards”, or however I might have worded it: in fact, it had been a cheap (i.e. Android) 2-cards device, and on that one, I had been able to de-activate both SIM cards altogether; in your situation, with some just-1-card-device, and also according to your Android version, it might be impossible to de-activate the one-and-only SIM card - what do I know indeed? (I also use some ancient, traditional “mobiles” for my “phoning”, in - obviously rare - “case of necessity” - my friends know about my landline number, and when I’m on the autostrada, I prefer not being bothered anyway…

Thus, I’m in need of a replacement…

An’yes, I even looked into iThings again, on the occasion… and, well, I’m horrified!

First of all, some - many! -“mobiles” nowadays don’t come with real, physical that is, “double SIM”: They just offer one of the two as some “e-SIM” one, meaning you will either need some expensive “contract” for at least one of the two, or then, you’re bound to just one SIM altogether - btw, I really like the somewhat brutish design of google mobiles, but for the preceding consideration, they are off - which I consider a real shame: I would have been happy to buy some google phone (i.e. within the 600 $ range) indeed…

(Here, I must admit that it’s quite awful to hold a “smartphone” in “landscape mode” indeed, but that my ancient “mobile” just came with some 5” or 5.2” screen - I don’t really know” -, and that’s not sufficient for typing your search strings one-handedly; using a smartphone with both of your hands - while you have got two, that is, thanks Heaven! - being somewhat really weird, that is…

Thus, yes, I thought about Apple - OMG indeed! -, since their “Mini 2021” seems something “cute”, an’yes, I have to admit it, or rather, I admit it freely: Yes, the (relative) beauty of some “item” - being your “mobile”, or then, your mate, “plays”, so-called “inner/secret values/assets” rather playing within the “extras” crowd, right?

An’yes, the Mini 2021 seems to be some cute piece of engineering, hold in your - well: in my - hand very well, just like a “smartphone”, and with just the right letter(s’) size…

But then, there’s simply NO iCrap alternative for Android’s aGrep (!), and there’s - much! - worse then, and here, I can’t say I’ve checked: I just rely on third parties’ observations:

In fact, it seems that Apple does it, like it always did: They not only give a crap on their “users’” - i.e. fanboys-girls-whatever-sex’s - interests, but they actively try to BUGGER their customers, and that’s notwithstanding their highly-exaggerated prices - btw: Currently, I muse why - WHY INDEED?!!! - they haven’t installed some SUBSCRIPTION scheme yet, for the use of their hardware? - After all, in the Fourth Reich - oh, your pardon: in Germany that is! but see even the NYT on that latter, not-so-definite-lately-after-all matter! -, or, more precisely, within the Heise fora, I found some additional info on that subject - i.e. on Apple not only despising their customers, paying inflated prices anyway, independently of any local price inflation, but actively BUGGERING - an’yes, I’m goin’n'getting here - them:

First-an’all, I fully undersign this, “Lustigerweise schafft Apple es bislang jedesmal, wenn ich eine Anschaffung plane (u. Appleprodukte mal ins Kalkül ziehen würde) eine Situation zu schaffen, die mich davon abhält u. ich lieber in andere Produkte investiere.”, i.e. “Every time, with really every launch, Apple succeeds in getting up some awful details that make me putting off, again and again” ( https://www.heise.de/meinung/Kommentar-zu-neuen-iPads-Apple-ich-verstehe-Dich-nicht-7314559.html ), but then (the same link),

“Das neue iPad Mini kam NACH den iPad Pro mit M1 und hat den den letztjährigen iPhone Top Chip A15 Bionic.” - “Ich hatte mich darauf gefreut lange Jahre ipadOS Updates zu bekommen, und zumindest die ersten 1 bis 2 Jahre alle neuen Features.
Doch Pustekuchen! Alle nennenswerten Neuerungen von ipadOS sind nur und exklusiv für die iPad mit M1 SoC!” - “Die ganzen genialen Multitasking und TV/Monitor Funktionen (Desktop Mode) fehlen!” - which means, altogether, that albeit the “Mini 6” - which I had seriously considered for my purposes, before, with regret, having to discard, again, for any aGrep alternative not being available for it -, does NOT get the goodies - multi-applications and the like of iOS-for-iPad or whatever they call it, since it hasn’t got the “right"processor yet… whilst having been published just in 2021, and after a many-years-long wait for a “recent”, an “acceptable”, some “current”  version for your lounge jacket indeed… - some finally acceptable “one-hand iPad” in a word…

Let’s word it accordingly to their current pricing: Their just-one-year-old “Mini” is a scam, and then, Apple’s crooks - they count on (most of… as said, I’m a pensioner now) their purchasers’ factual inability to get-to-the-core-info, and thus to buy-by-looks, an’yes, the Mini 6 is a thing-of-beauty, some thing I would have LOVED to lick-‘n-cherish - but you see, almost any buggering implies faeces, and most of so-called “reviews” you’ll discover on (or do “natives” say, “in”?) the web, are, as we all (yet ?!) know, just amazon whores’ lies-to-click-the-them-(very-sparcely-)enriching-link. But then, Judas Iskariot was among them rather cheap fellows, and all of those amazon whores are just fellows-following-in-some-unspeakable-ones’ footsteps, an’yes, whenever you enter, in shameful google, something like “xx (i.e. some-software-or-whatever-item) review”, you’ll get, 9 times out of 10, just some whores’ “appreciations” of what they try to sell you, for a mere pittance for them, on amazon…

Are you nuts, really nuts, to follow such simili-landmarks?...

I’ll now either buy some cheap-n-ugly 8”.xx “tablet”, or then, some “Galaxy A33 double SIM”, I don’t know yet, Samsung’s defunct 8” tablets being, well… defunct, i.e. discarded…


Some months ago, I’ve been to some retail trade, in Cologne (4rth Reich, that is), and, yeah, their Microsoft(‘s) “Surface Go 3” was hot, just by laying there, on their exposition tables, and not doing anything, whilst both comparable iCrap ‘n’ Android, always “portable”, devices, and in exactly the same posture, were just hand-warm…

An’don’t dream of MS’s “Surface Pro X” range: Whilst e.g. (another billionaire-by-inheritance’s) “focus.de” try to sell to “you” - in fact: to what they consider “idiots-just-worth-to-further-enrich-‘us” - some of’em for 800 euros - which they design as “current” - proof on file, of course, as for any of my allegations! -, it’s not only the not-so-recent “1”-processor instead of the recent-indeed version 2, but most (?) of your Windows “applications” will allegedly NOT work on that thing…

Thus, just forget it, since, obviously, you don’t treat with honest people on the “other”, on the - do I dare say: “enemy”? - side: “Everything”, or then, according to your needs, Navicat (I endorse’em, not because I’m paid in any way, but just because they’re best indeed… : my CD and DVD collections are in my NTFS, multiple, HDDs, whilst my book collection is in some Navicat-SQLite db…), an’then, aGrep for your - just for quest needs - Android device, and you’re done: no need for Apple’s buggering you… and that being said: if ever you feel the urge to be buggered: very well, nope for objection… but just then do it the physical, the real way, don’t enrich crook Cook, and again, that’s just my opinion.

An’then, yes, about “hierarchies”: hold’em flat, since you’ll always bear in mind that even trees are just nothing other than lists, just somewhat, quite somewhat, easier to browse, but then:

Bear in mind that in any list, ORDER is predominant: be it it “macro” order or then, “micro” order: For obvious reasons, I can’t give real-live examples here, but when I tell you that whenever you, by any chance, you’ll find “Some Kind of Wonderful” (Howard Deutsch 1987: p: the genial Joh Hughes indeed…) within your writings, try to move it to the very end… and call that “macro management”... whilst, within ever of yours “item” - screenwriters would call that “scenes” indeed -, if you do similar, for your findings: re-arrange your “item”, i.e. your “scene”, whatever, by “sending” your “treats” to the end of that “item”: enchant your audience, instead of just serving’em what your superiors ask you to serve. - Right again?

An’yes, willing to follow my tip of advice advice, I should have stopped here, but then, I’m not willing to write here but just here and again anymore, invectives abounding…:

Let’s speak about FILTERING…

In fact, and as I had already said, that (Android’s) “aGrap” - for which then there does not seem to exist any, i.e. not even the slightest, counterpart within Apples iCrap system -, just does allow you to search for some single (sub-)string (wherever in your active file(s)... and yes, you even can search for “compound strings”, i.e. for “phrases”, by “string space string”, but that’s not something “Boolean”, not something “Near”, it’s just “phrase”... and then, yes, indeed, there’s even some OR search, by “space”...

Whilst in Windows, there’ll be “Text Filter”, which is free but, again, does just search, without allowing you any editing… - but here, a space is “AND”, which is quite “wonderful”, considering the “competition”...

As for even editing, well, that’s a real problem nowadays…

There’s EmEditor, but, whilst I got the “lifetime” at the very last indeed (!) day of that being possible, is 260$ now for that if I remember well, but then, there are inferior “text editors”, priced at 300 bucks, so…

And even EmEditor does NOT come with Boolean search, i.e. something like
searchterm1 searchterm2
i.e. with a space in-between, is just a “phrase” again, and there’s no “AND”, “OR”, let alone “NOT” or even “NEAR” (if I’m not mistaken that is)...

But then, EmEditor allows not only for filtering for those lines (or then, for those which do not contain what you “search” for, i.e. what you intend to discard, and after all, that would be a very rare use case indeed…), but also allows for displaying “n” lines above, and/or below the “hit” line of your liking, and that’s, for coders e.g., a real treat indeed…

There’s also “EditPad Pro 8”, by this world’s allegedly regex master, but which for filtering lines, disappoints: in fact, there is no dedicated “filter” command, but just, AFTER regular search, it seems, there is some “filter” command, and then only , all those “filter hit” lines will be displayed in some other, distinct pane, and all of them seem to be underlined, and with yellow background, and which makes them all more or less “unreadable”, but perhaps, that has been, albeit my searching for solutions, for you - remember: I own, much superior in this regard, and others, EmEditor for a lifetime and for a pittance! - for much more than just half an hours, my fault again?

Fact is, there seems to be only one, and free, Windows “app”, that, for searching AND for editing, for line filtering, offers Boolean “search”, i.e. incl. real (i.e. not only “phrase”) AND, OR, NOT - for “NEAR” I’m not sure, I would have to check again… -, and which is free for “personal”, i.e. for non-“professional” (i.e. “corporate” or then, “you’ll get paid already”?) use, but which, unfortunately, seems to have been coded by total geeks: in fact, it’s the weirdest “app” I’ve encountered in my whole life, and I’m almost 80 now, so…

(You’ll find that crazy but functional “app” by searching within donationcoder indeed, and all of you say, “thank you!”, to my persecutors here indeed…)

As for aGrep, you’ll have to set it to “regex”, in order for it getting you hits like from “somestring some_other_string_following_immediately” (i.e. just “phrase search”), without that setting, and as said, in aGreap, for Android, two strings in a row (and separated by a space) are considered “OR”, which isn’t that bad indeed, but, as said, there is no “AND” search which would be all so welcome… but then, there’s seemingly NOTHING of the sort in Apple’s “mobile” world, and then, just string, even string-or-string search, is oh so much better than nothing, with overpriced iCrap, right?

At this time, telling you you should pay 260 bucks for EmEditor outright, would be outrageous indeed, but whenever EmEditor’s genial inventor gets AND and OR alone (not speaking of NOT or NEAR near), it’ll be worth your try, and your buy, considering that even “traditional Eastern editors” (look that up on google if you like) don’t “make” it:

For example, KEdit - down to some 59 bucks now if I remember well - presents the traditional “traditional Eastern editors” way of filtering lines (and is not open to modern, all-inclusive alphabets, hence the current pricing), i.e. you can filter, by entering some string, upon lines containing that string, and then, you can further narrow down your selection by entering further strings, for AND, or enlarge it, for OR, and NOT is available, too, but you never can display - except if I’m totally erroneous here? - the surrounding lines = paragraphs, as EmEditor allows indeed, and for the ultimate benefit of the so-called “user”... and which will be found again in dedicated search tools like FileSeek, FileLocator (in their “prof.” version that is), and others of their kind; in other words: in text editors, that “vicinity display” is some extremely rare, or currently even exclusive, unique feature of EmEditor (?), and yes, that feature can be found, too, within that otherwise quite inferior “Ulysses App”, available upon “subscription”...

Btw, in those “traditional Eastern text editors”, there always has been an inherent flaw, and I simple don’t “get it” what at least commercial offerings of that editor kind, like “KEdit”, never worked on that: In fact, by every zooming in into your search results (i.e. for “search within”), or by every enlarging your search again (i.e. you obviously will have unwantedly discarded results which you now want to include again though”), by “OR” (for some synonyms e.g., but not necessarily for synonyms only…), you will have, there, to write down your search “history”, i.e. your “AND” or “OR” or “NOT” steps, by handwriting, on some sheet of paper, or within some other application, i.e. there is no “search (commands) history” within those “traditional Eastern text editors”, and neither in their paid version, “KEdit”, if I’m not extremely mistaken here that is…

Thus, no wonder that they, notwithstanding their brilliant, original idea - line (i.e. paragraph) filtering - never got really some market share worth mentioning, there absence of “showing you what you are doing”, as well as “showing you the vicinity of your hits” invalidating almost all of their inherent, albeit ever dormant usefulness.

Btw, Edit Pad Pro 8’s developer (it had been 50 bucks plus VAT, it’s now 60 idem) grandiously says that the missing “AND” function in his tool can be “easily” (I cite here! and again, file-on-proof…) be pastiched by regex, whilst, as we all (?) know, regex can indeed search for a AND then b, or then for b, AND then a, but that’s quite some extended string, combined, and nowhere near some simple Boolean “AND” indeed… (I have aquired some regex “mastery” over the years now, so I know how to do a regex “AND”, but to call that *easy”: well…)

An’yes, an’speaking of ace coders-otherwise-lunatics: That free (for “personal” i.e. non-commercial use) but totally crazy “line filtering” lister-and-EDITOR (sic! and with Boolean indeed!) is called “Depeche View Lite”...

For “Sublime Editor” (which is about 100 bucks plus VAT), there might exist some add-on or add-in, as well as there might be such a thing for “Notepad++” (which is free); I haven’t trialed those though…

Fact is: If you are after your hits’ “vicinity”, EmEditor (or then, first year’s subscription being 40 bucks, further years 20 bucks each, currently, which, considering its - comparatively spoken that is: - incredible strengths, seems very reasonable for the time being that is…) very probably will be your application of choice, and if you “need” Boolean - which comes incredibly handy indeed, I assure you! -, “Depeche View Lite” is quite incredible, by all means that is…

As far as I’m concerned, I use my venerable EmEditor for editing, and Text Filter (which, as said, comes with Boolean “AND”, and which is really, really helpful indeed) for “looking up things” in my text files, whilst “Everything” is my “app” for both looking up files, and for renaming, retagging them, in my NTFS (i.e. “NT” file system”).

On Android, on the road, I at least have got aGrep, with “space is OR but no AND available”, vs., “with regex checked, space is phrase”...

whilst in Cupertino’s - beautiful but utterly deceptive - world, I’d have nothing.

It’s one thing, saying, “can you afford…”; it’s quite another to constantly try to fool people… (and not even speaking of their multiple “pen” issues with their grossly overpriced “iPad 10” offering here…)

“Enough is enough”, as they say… and that doesn’t just apply to beautiful girls who, when it comes to common offspring, turn out what in other times they called witches.

I’ll now have to live with some ugly, cheap - since there isn’t any beautiful, expensive one left - Android sub-10”-“tablet”... but with some oh-so-beautiful… admirable… (as the “ideal object” that is) - recent, overpriced, worthless iPad Mini 6, not even judged worthwhile, by its creators, to get their current iPad software(‘s functionality), I wouldn’t even have access to my data.

Don’t be foolish, fellow men - and hadn’t I been right, again, about that frail’s just coming here in order to get info, not for any sense of “contributing”? -: Some chicks - iCrap among’em - aren’t just good for admiring’em, neither for becoming the mum of your kids, nor of your data: they’re just shallow.

Not to be confounded with its homonym “cello” which is one of the most motherly, gentlest, most constructive, in a word: wonderful musical instruments there is: Daniil Shafran, anyone?

The opposite of a Cupertino or any other scam that is.


From the “outside”, i.e. judging from their YT clips, their respective “help file”, their screenshots and the like, I wonder why hard core academics would bother about Devonthink, instead of going straight to Nota Bene? Granted, their “all your material in one folder” approach(‘s realization) just explains itself by their origins, pre-web-etc., but then: both “apps” are ugly as hell, but the latter, in spite of its almost incomprehensible distinction between (first) “Framework” and then, second, “Outline”), seems to be the one with the “more-thoughts-put-into-it”, no? Well, both are very “specific”, “proprietary”, an’thus not so well suited to some open mind, but then, for traditional academic work along the lines of the canon? ;-)

And, isn’t it quite terrible, to get a range of 20 pêle-mêle apps , thrown in by some alleged phd, not mentioning either?: https://research.com/software/best-academic-writing-software - that’s what I call an obscenity indeed: people just cramming the web with pseudo-info, not only stealing your life time, but also and foremost misleading us people.

90 p.c. or more of that “freely available info” - i.e. so-called “info” nowadays’s utter crap, but then, our so-called “elections” ain’t, to again 90 p.c. or more, but aggregated by the votes of people who don’t get any other “info” than that.

Et c’est là où le bât blesse, as the French say…


Posted by Amontillado
Oct 23, 2022 at 12:48 PM


22111 wrote:
>But then, there’s simply NO iCrap alternative for Android’s aGrep (!),
>and there’s - much! - worse then, and here, I can’t say I’ve checked: I
>just rely on third parties’ observations:

On any of the iPhone’s home screens, touch the button at center bottom of each pane that says “search.”

Or, swipe down from the center of any home screen.

Yes, it’s that simple and it’s built in.

Either way brings up Spotlight, which can search for strings and metadata. The search finds results from apps, web history, and files.

You may have privacy concerns, since Spotlight also returns Google search results. On the other hand, anyone who already uses Google is probably somewhat privacy-compromised.

As to Apple not caring and heaping expense on their customers, I prefer Apple Numbers to MS Excel because Numbers, in my use cases, is better than Excel. It’s free, too. For data mining beyond what either Excel or Numbers will do, I use Easy Data Transform. Silly name, silly powerful.

If my only word processor was Apple Pages, my prose wouldn’t suffer. It supports live document handoff between devices and where it looks like it does almost nothing, it is actually pretty feature-rich. If I had to choose between MS Word and Pages, I would use Pages without regard for the fact it’s free, too. Neither Pages nor Word suits my taste for the way they handle styles. Nisus does styles very well and is very simple. Mellel is nigh-on perfect, also very simple, but different enough to mimic a steeper learning curve.

Pages has two different modes. You can run it in either word processing or desktop publishing mode. While personal desktop publishing might seem like a gentle, unicorns-on-party-invitations thing, I use the capability for pamphleteering. Currently I’m firing broadsides at a crooked property tax office.

I prefer MacOS over Windows for daily use because of the applications I have access to and because I’m pretty sold on Unix and Unix-like operating systems.

Your mileage varies.

Nothing wrong with that.


Posted by 22111
Oct 23, 2022 at 02:13 PM


I hereby WITHDRAW the above “crook Cook”, and I’m sorry!

- and let’s convene his name “invites” to such irregular invectives, as well as his “situation” does, since when we read that he just got another 100m p.a., and then, it’s a fact, that his staff does NOT tell you, before buying, e.g. the - very expensive after all… - “Mini”, that you are going to buy recent albeit already depleted hardware, you think again…

Since, as I have said above, most “prospects” simple do NOT have that time some pensioner like myself might have, in order to even read far-down-in-some website’s “outlining” hierarchy to be found user comments who share there brand-new real INFO, AFTER having bought, and paid, for such stuff…

Fact is, their “Mini” was launched AFTER the introduction of their “M1” = “Pro”, and now it’s simply got the “wrong”, the already “ancient” processor, and so it’s now “vieux jeux”, just some months after its launch, and that “Mini” - the so-called “form-factor” of which, according to me again, is quite “perfect” indeed - is NOT, as we all know, sold as their “entry device”, but as a highly-specialized, high-brow instrument for “professionals”... (more or less implicitely, I convene to that, but then, viewing movies, YT and the like upon it would be quite “bonkers”, so it’s a “work instrument” after all, and sold as that, no?

Now, I got my, this, “core info” from some “user”‘s experience, AFTER them having bought, at Apple’s very high prices, and that, dear fellows (irony off here…), is a state of affairs that isn’t acceptable by any standards anymore, and for selling expensive tools, just like selling (sic!) so-called “info” (by what at some time we used to call “the press”, but which nowadays are “all”, i.e. by more than 90 p.c. of them, “government spokespeople in waiting”), the WITHHOLDING of PERTINENT info, while selling, should be considered FRAUD indeed…

(The irony here being that we ALL are so-called “consumers”, AFTER that iconic “nine-to-five”..., but that a quite considerable fraction of us continues to pretend, them being some “managers” within some “corporation” within that aforementioned time-frame, that “since consumers are adults, they are expected to pertinently inform themselves accordingly to their interests as consumers, whilst corporation may remain free, please, to lie by omission, to them”... which in other words, is just asking people to spend the WHOLE of their evenings, after work, and instead of cuddling their wives and their children, and to show them some real interest (and which would indeed save almost ALL (i.e., again, more than 90 per 100) of those, according to the respective, “Western”, countries, divorce rates from coming realized: You simply can’t expect, and even from men, to serve some 20/24 “work” day… NOT implying by this that cuddling wife, German shepherd and kids would be some “work”, but we all just have to “give” somewhat “limited service” to those we love, and whom’s “bien-être” should be our foremost concern: We’ve got to sleep, be it just some hours per day, too, and all those - “crooks”, may I say?: just: really, really dishonest people - and then, sometimes outrageously lavishly indeed - LIVE ON our not “functioning”, not even for ourselves, and let alone for those who trust into us, 24 hours a day: there are NOT “crooks” indeed, but they are ticks on our human physiology: just like the terrorist that govern’us today, they BANK on our inability to really inform-us well, BEFORE buying/voting, an’then, we’re all, and definitely, what they call “screwed”...

SQLite, as even the name should tell us, has never ever been designed as a replacement for a real db backend, and whenever some of our “PIM” develovers relies on that misunderstanding that at the end of the day, SQLite COULD be brought its limits, and beyond, we, “consumers”, pay the bill.

As some of you will remember, some months ago, I - again in vain, f’course, haha! - had tried to instigate some “discussion” about the proper “filing” of disparate “items”, within some “big outline”, and there’s just one-n-single solution to that task: have some capable db back-end, which SQLite - “Lite”, mind you, for Heaven’s sake! -, is not.

We all know that one - sparsely intervening but valuable - contributor to his forum had said that Mybase (not the current version that is) showed deficiencies even on this side of a mere 10k of “items”... and I’ve said that for managing about more or less half of a million of “items” in UR - which I continue to endorse since we don’t get any better currently, (much-better) “corporate” solutions starting at or with e.g. 15 so-called “seats” - well, it’s hire-n-fire, so it’s the “seat” that counts there, right? -, at some 5-digits, price-wise… -, for almost half a million of “items” then, I need, in UR, some MULTIPLE DBs, not just one, and more specifically, and since just months ago, I, and my life altogether, had been threatened by some “minister”, “secretary of state”, among other candidates for some “Nuremberg II”, by some putting-to-sleep-while-finally-won’t-cost-anymore, I had, in UR (Ultra Recall that is, for the so-called “casual reader” here), assembled some 20,000 and more “items”, with regards to what they call “Covid 19”... whilst at the same time, having maintained, again in UR, as all my stuff since some time (again), some “politics” db…

And the necessary TANGLE between the two UR DBs finally proved to be impossible, since yes, you can discard even political measures re that disease from “other political (matter)s”, but you will then have to create hundred, thousands of sheer item copies, within “Covid”, and “Politics-by-countries”, for some (i.e. more-then-90p.c.-of-the lot) whore press, reacting to those measures, and, foremost, touting’em.

Now, in UR, and which I consider the very best of those, minor, SQLite-backed, “PIM"s, it was NOT possible to combine my “Covid” db, together with my “Politics-in-general” one, both, individually, totalling some 20,000 and more “items”, and totaling each about 2 GB… but then, SQLite had never ever been created for such tasks, right?

And thus, it revealed impossible for me to really integrate the role of that whore’s press with that “pandemy” phenomenon, since links to other DBs, in UR, while being technically possible indeed, are not really what you think in-links within your data compound should be.

And, at the end of the day, why then do something about “some special data compound”, off(side) your file system? The answer is oh-so-simple, and I wrote about that yet: Those developers rely onto the in-built FTS = full text search components of their db backend, SQLite in this, predominant, case…

Since otherwise, they should have to buy some, very expensive, and coming with severe limitations, search engine component, and well, that’s something inconceivable then…

For example, dtSearch, which is, rightly or not then, considered the “very best” of those components, not only charged you 15,000 some years ago, but also forced you then to put your data into some non-generally-readable format, which means that even, as some PIM developer, you spent the 15 grand, you couldn’t even leave alone your customers’, “users”’ data in some rtf, markdown or whatever easily-“exportable” “format”, but you would have had to scramble it, in order to make it “proprietary”.

That being said, Postgres has got its FTS (see above), too, and I suppose it’s even far better than (quite “basic”, after all…) SQLite’s is, so…

In other words: Any current “PIM” development, any current “outliner” development that is, is subject to that awful, “SQLite being our standard”, whilst SQLite had allegedly been created as a replacement for .ini-files, for up to a thousand, two thousand “items”, in other words, for better maintaining quite rather long lists… and nothing beyond that very specific task.
An’yes, the real culprit’s google, since originally they had promised, “we won’t be evil”... whilst nowadays, whenever you search for “vs.”, for “comparison / compared”, for “test”, for “review”, whatever… 9 out of 10 of their first tenners of “hits” are hits to whores who don’t just steal your time but who, much worse than that, will lead you up the garden path… and at the end of the day, ALL our current so-called “information management” is designed to just lead you off, off your interests, the ones of your wife’s, and, especially, your kids’ ones.

At the very end of the day, we’re currently witnessing the collective suicide of the so-called “Western”, i.e. neo-Christian (i.e. beyond Middle-Age, witches-‘n-stakes-n-all-that), real civilization (“enlightenment”, anyone around here? hahaha… and yet, you haven’t got 24 hours per day to do your very best, so you’ll be pardoned again…)... but then, I, originally, had thought that at least “academics” would be outraged, incensed… and would react… but then nothing… and so, whoever, asking, how could been possible, the demise of ancient Mexican civilization, or then even, and much nearer to all of us, the advent of the Third Reich? - Are you nuts, folks? We all know the answers, since given some “situation”, even the IQ 130, 140 of some folks don’t bother to react.

That being said: Forget SQLite-backed PIMs: Wait for smart Postgres interfaces… integrating NTFS, “Everything”... really integrating your “stuff”, that is…

Some very smart guy, many years ago, had something along the lines of, “your PIM just being some dedicated subset, and thus discarding the main of your your thoughts’ elements from what you think it should be put into some disctinct, deliberate outline, will NOT help you in your thinking”: that guy was oh so right…

(I’ll try to find the source…)

And thus, alleged “super solutions”, like “TheBrain”, are nothing than smoke-n-mirrors: so sorry -really! -, about your feeble illusions…

An’yes, the inherent fault of NTFS being that it’s not a db, i.e. that it doesn’t - i.e. its entries don’t - come with IDs, but that nowadays’ file system elements’ identification isn’t but fluid, by respective, aleatory position… not speaking here of them, dedicated, indices-using, query tools more-or-less all being subscription-based now…

With all due respect, but using, in 2022, SQLite for IM (i.e. as an information management back-end), is just proof of your inability to devise software anymore: just “coding” isn’t sufficient then, and it never was… and that’s, at the end of the day, the demise of the software industry: in their days, archivar(ian)s had the been the “masters”, giving access, or then not, to that “info” you were after; today, it’s the web that, while giving you, 9.5 out of 10 times, just gives you crap, instead of info, google being the main culprit in this indeed…, but whenever you try to create your own system of, real, véridique, true, info, it’s currently the limitations of the back-end SQLite or similar which will withhold you of “getting though”, i.e. thru to that “core”, i.e. to the “essence”:..

Well, you very certainly will have heard about the notion of “smoke”... and our “info age”‘s misfortune being that MORE than 90 p.c. of what we consider “info” is, in fact, just smoke, conceived to make you err…

An’now, we come to the advantage of those big corporations: They just have so much personpower that they are able to “cut the difference”, i.e. to discard the smoke getting to them… and that’s why they’ll always win.

They, them only, just get the whole picture of any situation, and then, they fine-grainedely select the pseudo-info YOU get… an’then, except for also reading into the utter depths of main web sites’ “comment” “outlines”, you won’t have a chance to look thru, too.

Since they deliberately withhold from you their core info… and even if you deploy some of the best of 2022’s “PIM"s, they will not allow you to bring together all those… theirs… lose-ends…

Hence, sometimes, even just innocuous, allegedly just “technical” limitations, will serve the purposes of those who’s aim’s to simply “get” you…


Posted by 22111
Oct 23, 2022 at 06:19 PM


And now, I think it’s time, finally, to clear up the core misunderstanding re outlining.

Whenever you outline, every which way, you assume, maybe even just preconsciously, that by ordering those elements of your subject that you are aware of, you get to some “natural” order…

whilst, in fact, that’s not the case: Your outline’s just some “helper” instrument, first for yourself, an’then for your readership / audience.

When I rant about our time’s alleged “journalists”, that’s because I intimately know how they should do instead, but then, most of young people today have never ever witnessed, experienced journalism as it had been originally intended, designed: they just know about that current pastiche which calls itself “journalism” nowadays, but which, in fact, is just prostitution; within “State” television, you even see multi-millionaires now, and they swear they are “journalists” indeed, while having perhaps written some true, non-fudged bits, here-n-there in their young years, decennials ago…

In post-war Germany, e.g., just TWO journalists are mentioning (and both of which, ironically, were head of foreign offices of German State television, in “better”, i.e. much more honest times, with regards to journalistic “ethics” and all that),Peter Scholl-Latour, 1924-2014, and then Gabriele Krone-Schmalz, *1949, which I’ve always held in the highest esteem, and since in this recent 71-minutes lecture, she speaks distinctly and quite slowly, I invite you to view this YT clip, together with YT’s AI-backed translation function: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gkozj8FWI1w - you will very quickly recognize that, first, she’s absolutely brilliant, and, second, that outlining has its limits, whenever you don’t try again to manipulate, i.e. to simplify, to bias your subject, but to display what I’d call “the whole picture”, and yes, up from a certain point of complication, there is NO “natural” order you can give to the - in case, highly disparate - elements of your subject anymore, but that you just will have to be confident in the “intelligence” of your audience, and perhaps even in their willingness to re-listen, to re-read, and I promise her lecture will enlighten you upon this acknowledgement that reality’s not some “list”, a sequence of points, dots, to-treat, but, here again:

a mesh.

And thus, it’s not really surprising that some people only are willing to try to perceive, then even to conceive that mesh… and you’ll easily understand why most people, even “smart” ones, IQ-wise, and by far, prefer some simplified representation of that mesh, and which’s then the outline, the agenda-following list of the person who wants your consent, be it for electoral purposes, or just for selling you crap.

It’s of course no coincidence that politicians always had to be “straightforward” within their discourse, in order to get the necessary votes for then rule, and that implicates that at the end of the day, they will have “got” you… albeit with your complacency… and we all know that in most frauds, the so-called “victim” is, in fact, a quite active co-worker… and it’s no coincidence either that most honest academics, and then even some journalists fulfilling the highest, and nowadays completely forgotten, standards of their originally highly honorable profession, seem somewhat “confused”, since, again, writing and speech are just serial, linear forms of communication, where then you will be forced, by the nature even of your way of communication, to FLATTEN OUT what’s intrinsically interwoven.

At 1:06, professor Krone-Schmalz reminds you, btw, of the original idea of “journalism”, and at 0:54, she shyly asks, “can you follow?” - I’ve always loved that woman, since not only she’s hyper-smart, but, and that’s the real exception, she does not misuse her intelligence for her venal interests, as today, and very unfortunately, most of her pairs, IQ-wise, do.

Now, what do we learn here? I think we should accept it’s ok when people, after having seen some very rich movie, tell us, “well, it’s special, but I’ll have to view it again” - instead of rashly blaming writer, director, whomever, for not having duly straightened it out: Even Hollywood doesn’t systematically, entirely care for the simplification lovers… and the same remark obviously applies to any written development our ours, today’s, yeah, quite complicated now, reality: give their authors the benefit of the doubt, even in what you might consider meanders, leading OFF from that “subject” as YOU conceived it - open up your mind to the possible side-effects, remote implications, etc., etc.: Bear in mind that even smallest minorities might be right, the choir of state-backed shouting so loud that if you don’t actively decide to hear about the complications, the latters’ straightforward choral literally deafen your ears.

Some oh-so-straightforward, presumedly “logic”, outlines out there are, in fact, just assaults on your intelligence. Wanna example? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYKdhYBrvcE : I don’t know how retarded people must be, in order to nod thru this utter rubbish of another of Germany’s universities’ professor’s: It’s a scam from the first, up to the very last minute, and perhaps it has even just been naively done, i.e. without a blatant “agenda”... but it brilliantly SERVES such an agenda indeed, by hotmelting any reason possibly left in naives’ State-television-debrained brains. (Unfortunately, he speaks oh so fast… in order to overcome YT’s translation AI, haha?)

Let’s put it this way: Many a people will not reach out, within prof. Krone-Schmalz’s any-which-way lecture, up to minute 54, very unfortunately, since they’re too much accustomed to prof. Rieck’s and all the others’ traditional, pseudo-“deductions”: allegedly “inscrutable” mesh vs. perfect outline any idiot can follow:

honest completeness vs., well, let’s call it naiveté, and I think his university will be thankful to Rieck, for having further calmed down potentially rebellious spirits… (“science and press, hand in hand”: hahahahaha!)

In a word then: Outlining’s just an ordering instrument, between mesh reality / mesh conception, and then serial, linear presentation, but don’t be as naive, or dishonest, as to make it your fallacy: neither for the audience, nor, and especially so, for your own thinking.


Posted by MadaboutDana
Oct 24, 2022 at 01:01 PM


Ah, you’re making an interesting argument: by imposing a cognitive framework (in this case, outlining) on your ideation, you’re unconsciously but effectively constraining it to a specific model which may be (much) narrower than the plethora of other perspectives available to you, and will undoubtedly distort your perceptions, prioritisation, and ability to correlate.

I totally agree with this. It’s why CRIMPing is such an obsessive activity. We’re all basically dissatisfied with simple outlining as such. Which is why we all spend time fiddling about with ROAM Research, Obsidian, UpNote and many others, not to mention all the mind-mapping/idea-mapping software.

Finding tools that equate to mental models is extremely difficult, if not impossible. That’s why everyone is boggled (and respects) those amazing mathematicians and physicists who appear to hold entire multidimensional models in their heads. An experience I personally have only ever enjoyed when programming complex relational databases, but which serious programmers no doubt enjoy much more often – having a complete multi-relational model rotating in your brain is an extraordinary, almost transcendent experience that almost encourages one to believe in Pure Intellect.

That’s why I’m currently saving up for a reMarkable tablet, too, because scribbling stuff down is so useful – but I can’t cope with the pile of untidy notebooks I have littering various drawers/cupboards/shelves, in various states of disciplined/undisciplined vacuity. On my iPad, Notability is the app I tend to use most often. But the battery life is rubbish.

So make it handwritten but go digital, is my current mantra. Based on the encouraging noises made by reMarkable in their latest blog post (https://remarkable.com/blog/big-changes-are-coming-to-the-remarkable-ecosystem), that’s now (or will shortly be) feasible.

Don’t talk to me about Kobo or Amazon – both of their stylus-supporting tablets are markedly inferior (notably in terms of quality/lag).



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