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Tags, and Export (cave canem or whatever you might be in awe of)

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Posted by 22111
Jul 24, 2022 at 01:30 PM


Today, I seriously tried to publish the following bona fide post in https://sqlite.org/forum/forum , but to no avail, some Pol-Pot-admirer obviously being the censor there, on Sunday(s) (text byte-by-byte), and obviously, in our current “PIM” / “outliner” situation, non-Apple, for the most part, you will have greatly to gain from my post, censored over there (and not, it was not by “anonymous, but by “22111ok”, just “22111” being judged as “not long enough” by their software):

By anonymous on 2022-07-24 11:18:12 [source]
Awaiting Moderator Approval

SQLite being THE STANDARD sql flavor for “desktop” (i.e. non-“cloud”) software for individuals and tiny work-groups, and for “mobile apps”, many “outlining”, “personal information managers (PIM)” or whatever you call them, rely on this wonderful albeit “non-corporate” sql tool, including its full text search (FTS) functionality.

Then, this FTS - as does SQLite - tries to be as effective and efficient as it gets, and thus, FTS discards most “regular”, “special” signs, and thus, searches for, like:

#abc, .abc, +abc, ‘abc, -abc (of course, and that applies to most ones of my other examples in this list!), _abc, ~abc, =abc, :abc, ;abc, &abc;, «c, $abc, ?abc, !abc, |abc,

abc will just list all occurrences of “abc”, whilst ¬abc even doesn’t give any search result (in Ultra Recall at least, and in there, the search for *abc just returns results in the form of “something-abc”).

On the other hand, you seem to have “missed” (?), in your “special char” exclusions, “treatin’em as spaces” effort, and among possible other chars, easily being available on “regular” keyboards,


so that simple (and automatically SQLite-indexed!) FullTextSearches for $something, ¦something, ¦§something, and especially °something will provide immediate (!: since indexed) search / “filter” results for possible user-specific “TAG”* searches / “filter” commands, in SQLite-backed “outliners” / “personal information managers” / other tools relying on SQLite’s brilliant FTS functionality.

Let’s be clear about these “exceptions to your rule”: while some “

The “°” is regularly followed, in “real life texts / “content”“, by a space, a dot or whatever, but certainly not by some a…z (or éèàäöü, etc., i.e. diacritics) char, and ditto the “§”, independently of “users” applying a space between their “§” and the inavoidably following number (or string, starting then with some number, e.g. (“178 bis”, again with, or without, a space between the number part and the “char” part), or not; similar for both “¦” and the currency symbol “¢”.

Thus, being that you may have “overlooked” those four, “easily available on the user’s keyboard” “symbols”, or that you may have them intentionally discarded from your “exceptions list”...

_______I BEG YOU TO ___NOT i.e. NEVER___ “FIDDLE” with these four (or more) “exceptions” to your “special chars are discarded from FTS” rule)._______


* = When I write “tag”, I also imply any simili-XML or any other “marking” language’s “coding” (e.g. “Markdown”, “Fountain”, whatever), for ___EXPORT___ of whatever might be the “tool” ‘s, “application” ‘s, using SQLite, and SQLite’s tremendous FTS, “content” (e.g. “Ultra Recall” which I more or less intimately know, but also “Right Note”, “My Info”, and multiple other such tools), i.e. with SQLite’s FTS, ___AND___ with its “exceptions to its exception rules for FTS”, it’s possible indeed:

To empower ANY SQLite software to do whatever any “XML” or other “metadata-enforcing” application can do, search- or export-wise, and without multiplying specific sql “columns”, I beg you, dear and honorable developers of SQLite, not NOT FUSS with those four “exceptions to your FTS exception rule” I’ve listed above:

JUST LEAVE, PLEASE!, °,§,¦, and¢ ALONE, fts-wise, indefinitely!

Copyright to this is withheld by “22111”, i.e. anybody “sharing”, or then “using”, these ideas will be bound to give correct copyright mention, that’s all.

But then again, even here, some P-P admirers regularly ask for me being silenced, so…


Posted by 22111
Jul 24, 2022 at 01:36 PM


(The title of that post, censored over there - they published third-party posts having been “submitted” in-between -, being:

To the dear and honorable developers of SQLite

And no, I haven’t discarded a single char in-between: Thus, never try to post anything constructive to crap sites such as sqlite.org forum on Sundays…)


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