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MindNode adds outlining to mind maps

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Posted by satis
Dec 19, 2020 at 04:03 AM






Posted by Paul Korm
Dec 19, 2020 at 12:48 PM


@satis thank you

Requires the annual subscription—yes?

What is the state of the art in outliners with mind maps—or, conversely, mind mappers with outlines?


Posted by Amontillado
Dec 19, 2020 at 01:05 PM


MindNode has always had an outline view, but it was in a second pane, not full-window.

This is a very useful development. MindNode is glitch free in my use, and it exports clean OPML.


Posted by satis
Dec 20, 2020 at 11:59 AM


Paul Korm wrote:

>Requires the annual subscription—yes?
> >What is the state of the art in outliners with mind maps—or,
>conversely, mind mappers with outlines?

MindNode went subscription in 2020 with the current version. I was a pre-existing owner of the app so all features of the current version are available to me now, but I assume that this new version would require a subscription for me as well.

In 2017 MindNode went from a pay model to free with IAP, but it was not generating sufficient recurring revenue. It joined Setapp in 2018 (and the Setapp subscription includes iOS unlock and sync), but it remains to be seen if they continue with it next year with the upcoming revision.

When I need to make a mind map I’ve been trying to instead learn iThoughts X on the Mac, which I also own. It’s generally more powerful, but it’s also more annoyingly complicated.

Mindmaps tend to offer rudimentary outlining capabilities, sometimes just an uneditable outline view. MindNode seems to be integrating a basic outliner but they miss out of including some things that are essential for me like keyboard shortcuts for ‘Add daughter node’ or ‘Add Aunt node’, instead requiring a 2-step process of creating a new node then indenting/outdenting.

Basic outlining per se tends to get short shrift by developers for some reason. They get close then whiff by omitting useful features in order to shoehorn the view or module to work with other ones. For example ZenKit refuses to use the word ‘outline’ instead offering a ‘Hierarchy view’ in a portion of a window, with the ability to add subtasks…


...all so you can easily switch view between other modules like kanban, calendar, table, and mindmap.

As for MindNode, I don’t see myself paying for a subscription in 2021, but I’ll put a pin in it and see how the outlining view progresses over time.


Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Dec 20, 2020 at 02:33 PM


I have been using Mindomo for mind mapping. It allows you to switch between outline and map views, sort of in the way Inspiration lets you. The outline looks very similar to Workflowy though without as much functionality. It’s cloud-based, but has desktop apps for Mac and Windows and iOS that allow you to work offline. It isn’t as powerful as other mind mappers, but I like its clean UI.

Here is a link to a mind map example of the Solar System:


Here is a link to the outline of this mind map:


You will need to use the password “Outline” to access. You can toggle back and forth between your outline and mind map, but Mindomo doesn’t seem to give the people you share it with that ability, thus the two different links.

Mindomo also offer a Gantt chart view, but I’ve never used this.


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