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Forum problem with Windows IE 5.5

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Posted by Chris Murtland
May 3, 2006 at 03:42 PM


I’ve confirmed there is a problem with this site in IE 5.5 that prevents the topic posting buttons from being visible. It seems that the login isn’t correctly saved in IE 5.5 and the topic views therefore appear as they do to a non-logged in user. This issue may also apply to some flavors of IE 6.

If you are experiencing problems, please update to the latest version of IE if possible, or try an alternate browser for now. Now that I’ve seen the issue for myself, I hope to be able to track it down and fix it soon.



Posted by Chris Murtland
May 4, 2006 at 03:51 PM


I made a change that has fixed the bad login problems in IE 6. Both people reporting the problem are now able to login and post.

IE 5.01 and IE 5.5 still have the problem. Since the login works in every other browser I’ve tried (including my Pocket PC phone), I’m inclined to not spend much more time investigating this. Why not update to IE 6 if you are using 5.5? ;-)

If anyone continues to have a problem logging in or posting, please use the contact page to let me know.



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