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Ultra Recall is DEAD!

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Oct 31, 2008 at 02:44 PM


Chris Thompson wrote:
>That’s too bad. The message sounds suspiciously like what happened to
> >SQLNotes (now InfoQube) is looking very impressive these days, though
>the UI still needs polish and it doesn’t yet have calendaring, though it can do math on
>dates. You should definitely try it. If you don’t want to store rich data/web pages
>directly, Ecco with EccoExt is also going surprisingly strong. It’s almost like
>having Ecco 5.0. There’s also still a ton of good Mac apps for managing heterogenous
> >—Chris

There is one good thing that has come from the UR suspension… Learning about EccoExt. Thanks, Chris. It really does feel like Ecco 5.0!

Steve Z.


Posted by Cassius
Oct 31, 2008 at 09:52 PM


Updated versions of UR?  (as of 10/31/08)

There may be slightly modified (updated) versions of UR Pro:

1.  The version I downloaded just now of the UR 3.5b=3.5.2 (EVAL) installer is different from the one I downloaded on 10/14/08.

2)  The UR Pro Portable zip file contains files as recent as 10/20/08.



Posted by Daly de Gagne
Nov 1, 2008 at 11:35 PM


Jan and others, though I stopped using UR some time ago, I thought they had a going concern so I am somewhat surprised. However, I had noted the responses on the forum seemed less frequent than before.

And I agree with you, Jan, about the “warmth” fact of Kinook’s corporate culture. I felt the cool in a number of ways; for one, as far as I could see, there was never any personal comment or indication even of where Kinook or who is Kinook.

As well, the documentation was more descriptive than instructive, and for a klutz like me that is not a good thing.

IQ and My Info, as I see the market, are the only ones doing metadata in columnar form. I am watching IQ carefully.

I notice that in the My Info forums the developer’s responses are also less frequent than they once were. I suspect that other, more lucrative aspects of the business are taking his attention. There has been no date given for beginning work on version 5.

IDEA! hasn’t upgraded since 2006. I wrote to the developer and asked, receiving a vague response about a future upgrade. It’s too bad, because IDEA! seems to be a neat “dashboard” kind of program.

Omea and Chandler are both open source, and Chandler may be more actively developed than Omea, but both are moving like over-fed snails, ie. you wonder whether they are moving at all.

I have recently installed Surfulater 3 http://www.surfulater.com . I am impressed with the development of Surfulater, and its ability to capture web information accurately. It is now better than Evernote, and certainly for serious web researchers it offers more capability, with both a full folder and full tagging capability. Evernote 3, in an effort to be the app that can be installed on just about anything, excepting the kitchen sink, left its loyal info-centric users behind; the developer’s continuing assurances that EN would eventually restore version 2 features removed from version 3 began to wear thin some time ago.

InfoHandler for many of its loyal users might as well have gone out of business because its IH2008 product, for which it charges, is still incomplete and the Yahoo group has been dead for most of the last several months, except for a long post today wondering if 2008 was completed yet.

So I am happy with Surfulater web clipping performances, and am looking at it as a notetaker. It has some templates, and the frame that surrounds Surfulater’s content is in essence a metadata card. I am rethinking my love of columns, and wondering whether I and perhaps others use programs that are more feature rich than we really need.

And I miss ADM and the potential of that program. The only program I see that could fulfill the ADM vision and move beyond it is IQ.


I like Neville Franks, Surfulater’s developer. He is consistently responsive to all manner of customers concerns, and is fast to make sure that they are dealt with.


Jan Rifkinson wrote:
>Altho this is greatly disappointing….. & frustrating….. this action does not
>come as a surprise to me. In fact, I suggested it’s possibility once before & was
>shouted down. So be it.
> >I strongly believe that besides having a great product—
>like UR—open, kindly, friendly, welcoming customer support is just as essential to
>the potential success of any product.
> >Yes, for those of you who are technically
>oriented, kinook has always been prompt in replying to technical questions posted
>here. Now I suppose this is all that should be required of technical support, ie.. ask a
>question, get the answer.
> >But, to me, both the information & the approach has always
>been highly technical & cold & frequently over my head.
> >A smile goes a long way in this
>world. IMO, UltraRecall was never going to break out of its small technoworld with
>that approach.
> >Like Agenda, Ecco & ADM before it, UR leaves behind a mature,
>unfinished product & a bunch of users who now have a tough decision to make…. and if
>they decide to move on….. hours & hours of work before getting their life back in
> >None the less, I don’t wish Kinook any ill. I hope they succeed as I do all other
>small software companies whom I have spent thousands & thousands of dollars
>supporting over the years.
> >Happy Halloween.
> >—
>Jan Rifkinson
>Ridgefield CT


Posted by $Bill
Nov 3, 2008 at 03:40 PM


quant wrote:
I think I’m going to give a good try to SQLNotes.

That was my response to the UR post too…

After a long day of working through the scattered SQLNotes ‘documentation’...

I discovered a forum post that writers of the SQLNotes wiki were using Evernote and Surfulator to capture forum information for inclusion in the SQLNotes Wiki.

Have others noted that web page and document capture is a weakness in SQLNotes?


Posted by Pierre Paul Landry
Nov 3, 2008 at 05:42 PM


>Have others noted that web page and document capture is a weakness in SQLNotes?

It definitely needs a few improvements:
1- IE and FF add-ons to quickly send content to it (FF add-on is nearly finished)
2- Easier item creation: right now, items are created in the outlining grid and content in the HTML pane. It should be possible to do all in one pane
3- Build-in image grabber (nearly complete) with automatic storage in the database

Full-page capture is possible in HTML and MHT formats and both are picture perfect. Page clips are not as good but equivalent to EN.

I’m currently working on the Outlook-like calendar and sync. Such improvements will come immediately after :-)


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