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Noteplan 2.0 is here, on time

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Posted by satis
May 22, 2019 at 10:41 AM


Same here. Just upgraded for $7.99. Looking forward to playing with the app when I get home tonight!


Posted by satis
May 27, 2019 at 07:43 PM


FYI I just noticed that Stephen Zeoli put up a 2-minute video on Vimeo that gives an overview of NotePlan 2.0:



Posted by Captain CowPie
May 29, 2019 at 02:09 PM


That is a nice video by Stephen. I also watched his other video on how to use NotePlan as a Bullet Journal.

I was trying not to CRIMP but couldn’t resist NotePlan, especially when I found out everything was stored in plain text.

After using for about a week I am really enjoying it’s unique approach. I have some issues with figuring out how to use it properly with the notes and scheduling, but it is really a nice little program.


Posted by MadaboutDana
May 31, 2019 at 08:19 AM


Yes, it’s a very nice app. I’ve been cautiously using it for task management for the last week or so.

My findings:
- it’s very stable and reliable
- the functions involving interaction between Calendar and Notes are consistent, and work fast and well (including sync via iCloud)
- you can access the NotePlan folder in iCloud, meaning you can edit NotePlan notes/to-dos in the Markdown editor of your choice (should you so wish!)
- projects are best handled in Notes, with tags to filter them; any to-dos then appear in the upper part of the Calendar page
- it’s easy to roll over projects in Notes, because there’s a “reschedule all tasks” function in Notes as well as in Calendar - nice touch!
- one-off to-dos are best inserted in Calendar days
- integration with Apple Calendar, Reminders is excellent
- you can “archive” completed tasks (which means they’re shunted down to the bottom of the Note/Calendar page; this is a nice touch)

I’ve made a number of suggestions to the very amiable developer, who is extremely responsive.

The only thing I’m still a little doubtful about is how well NotePlan will handle a LOT of data. It seems to me that the Notes function could do with further refinement (notably folders, perhaps). And I’m not quite sure why Calendar supports both tags (hashtags) and mentions (at-tags), but Notes doesn’t (hashtags only).

However, I’m on the verge of committing to NotePlan as my main task manager. I’d never have considered doing that with V1, but V2 is a whole different ball game.

The fact that it’s still non-subscription (and that it offers upgrades!) is definitely contributing to my enthusiasm!



Posted by Drewster
May 31, 2019 at 10:25 AM


I am really enjoying this app. I have bought it on iOS and enjoy it via Setapp on my Mac.

I’ve used OmniFocus forever, and that is where I will maintain my major work projects. For the everyday ‘small rock’ stuff though, NotePlan is doing a great job. In addition, I am using it as my ‘daily log’. I had been using OmniOutliner for this, but NotePlan’s day-per-note construct and it’s ability to use Markdown has won me over.

It still has some rough edges, but I have confidence that the developer is aware and working on them. A few annoyances are not auto-capitalising the beginning of tasks on iOS, and I would like it to do better with natural language interpretation.

Overall though, the app seems to understand what it is, and is not trying to do too much.

I guess the best measure is that all the tasks I put into it, get done. Can’t ask for more than that from a task manager.


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