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Posted by taskcade
May 13, 2024 at 07:10 AM


Exciting news! Introducing @Taskade’s AI Agent Generator (now in beta)! ߐ‘ ߧ  Simply write out your needs, and watch as a team of AI agents springs into action for any task, role, or industry. Deploy your dream AI workforce - from ideation to execution, let’s unleash our imaginations and shape the future of work together! Reply ‘AI Team’ for early access. ✨

Now you can generate AI agents instantly to assemble your dream team with Taskade’s AI Agent Generator (now in beta)! ߐ‘ ߧ  Simply write out your needs for any task, role, or industry and watch your team of AI Agents come to life. From ideas to action, planning to execution—let’s unleash your imagination and shape the future of work!
Watch the videos in action and learn more by following us on:

- https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7195669303797415938/
- https://twitter.com/Taskade/status/1789903219444895812
- https://redd.it/1cqsjup
- https://www.facebook.com/580450980/videos/966905748151458/


Posted by taskcade
May 14, 2024 at 04:52 AM


Hi everyone,

Exciting Update from Taskade!

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of Multi-AI Agents for everyone at Taskade! Experience the next level of AI-powered productivity and transform your workflow like never before!

What’s New?

- Multi-Agents Sidebar: All your AI agents are now accessible in one easy-to-navigate sidebar! Each agent comes equipped with specialized tools and customized knowledge, ready to tackle any task. Dive deeper and see how it works at https://help.taskade.com/en/articles/9254706-multi-ai-agents.

- Enhanced Collaboration: Streamline your project management with AI agents capable of executing multiple tasks simultaneously across all platforms. Discover more at https://help.taskade.com/en/articles/9254706-multi-ai-agents.

- Beta Tools for AI Agents: Test out the new tools for AI agents in beta! Connect your AI agents to Slack, Gmail, and perform actions directly within Taskade. Learn how to enhance your workflow at https://help.taskade.com/en/articles/9314171-smart-tools-for-agents.

- Automate with AI: Customize and automate workflows seamlessly using AI agent commands. This integration enhances productivity across your favorite apps. Find out how at https://help.taskade.com/en/articles/9314182-ai-agent-automation.

- Share Your AI Knowledge: Now you can share your AI agents publicly! Distribute expert AI agents enhanced with your curated knowledge. Generate public links and share with your organization, clients, or communities. Details at https://help.taskade.com/en/articles/8958457-custom-ai-agents#h_05461a302e.

- New Number Fields: Introducing Number Fields in the Table View! Efficiently track time, estimate budgets, or measure performance directly within your projects. Explore the new formats at https://help.taskade.com/en/articles/8958389-table-view#h_e2926cc983.

- AI Agent Generator (Beta): Create customized AI agents instantly from a single prompt with our new AI Agent Generator. Say goodbye to manual setups and hello to instant AI team creation. Be one of the first to try it by responding ‘AI Team’ on our social media posts!

Deploy your AI dream team today and revolutionize the way you work! Embrace the future with Taskade’s AI-driven tools.

Team Taskade

Full changelog and release notes below:


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