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Pagico 8

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Posted by Hugh
Jan 30, 2018 at 11:02 AM


Thanks for this news, Bill.

Since almost the day Pagico launched, I’ve liked its “philosophy” - that is, its combination of textual task manager and Gantt-like time-charting (something those of us who’d like a more symbiotic relationship between OmniGroup’s Omniplan and Omnifocus would also wish to see). Hitherto, however, Pagico’s UI has been too busy for me. In its previous versions, its particular use of upper and lower-case characters and text boxes, and its refusal to allow a different or smaller typeface have left its design a bit of a mess (I think). I’ve been concerned that I’d lose a task or a project in the confusion. And from memory, I don’t think that I’m the only user who has felt that way.

But your short appraisal above gives me encouragement that perhaps those weaknesses have been ameliorated, and I’ll give Version 8 a try.


Posted by MadaboutDana
Jan 30, 2018 at 01:17 PM


Ditto, Hugh. I hadn’t touched Pagico for about two years, until I was reminded of it the other day by something completely unrelated.

I’ve been gratified to find that the whole thing makes much more sense than it used to (although “Contacts” could still do with a bit of work!), and that it’s genuinely become one of the most flexible task managers out there. I think most people would find an approach that would please them (not unlike 2Do in this respect). For the first time, I don’t find myself looking anxiously about for something that will make it “even easier” to manage my (very full) timetable.

At least, not until some other team-oriented wonder comes along (I agree with you that a fusion of OmniFocus and OmniPlan would be enticing, but to be perfectly honest, find OmniFocus’s interface remarkably fussy - much more so than Pagico’s. The iOS app in particular is a disaster!)


Posted by Hugh
Jan 30, 2018 at 02:21 PM


Agree about Omnifocus for iOS; neither elegant nor easy-to-use. I’d hoped that the clever people at Omnigroup would have improved its UI by now. Possibly the release of the new “darling” of the task manager market, Things 3, will provide the required push.


Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Jan 30, 2018 at 03:50 PM


I have had pretty much the same experience with Pagico as the others of you. I tried adopting it about five years ago because I liked the set of features, but it was too cumbersome to use daily. Also, I really didn’t understand its pay structure. So I abandoned it.

Perhaps I’ll take another look.


Steve Z.


Posted by Graham Rhind
Jan 30, 2018 at 04:32 PM


Stephen Zeoli wrote:
>Also, I really didn’t
>understand its pay structure. So I abandoned it.

Oh good.  I thought it was just me.  Their website mentions USD 50 for a “personal workspace” for six months.  After that ... well, who knows?  Does it repeat? I.e. USD 100 per annum?  And if we stop paying, does it stop working? Does anybody know?  Can anybody clarify? 


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