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Pagico 8

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Posted by Paul Korm
Jan 31, 2018 at 10:47 AM


Bill thanks for the info on Pagico 8

I downloaded it to trial.  Since I had once trialed Pagico 3, long deleted from this machine, the new download sensed that and would only grant me a one-day “extension” to try Pagico 8.  For an expensive investment that’s pretty cheesy behavior. 

I need a task manager to accept and recognize custom URL scheme from all the other apps that I use (curio://, x-devonthink://, etc.)  Pagico doesn’t recognize them as URLs.  That’s surprising, here in 2018, where apps are expected to do things like that.  (Actually, the URL works the instant it is pasted into Pagico but upon returning to the item the link is dead.  Maybe that’s a bug.  I don’t know.)

For years I’ve been using BusyCal as my timeline—combining calendars synced from multiple apps, including workflows that get stuff from Omnifocus, plus scheduling for all clients, plus my personal schedule, and plus reminders.  I usually have a dozen or so calendars going in the same window, syncs via iCloud to all my iOS devices, and works great.  Moving to Pagico would be like introducing a new calendar app that’s a island from the rest of my infrastructure.

So, it’s pretty but not worth all the process changes needed to move into Pagico.


Posted by MadaboutDana
Jan 31, 2018 at 10:57 AM


Hi Jeffery; yes, I know what you mean, I tried Pagico 6, invested in Pagico 7 (but eventually discarded it) and have spent some considerable time working with Pagico 8 before finally recommending it to the team.

It is, in short, much better than it was - above all, much less complex, but with some very nice little details that you gradually come to appreciate.

Let me take one example.

In any project, you can create multiple lists of actions/tasks. At first, I wondered what that was about - why bother?

I discovered the reason more or less by accident, yesterday. In my “Home” project (where I tend to assemble stuff I’ve got to do at home), I now have three task lists. One is for URGENT tasks, and besides setting deadlines for tasks, I also colour the checkboxes in this list red, so they show up clearly in the Timeline view. You can easily drag tasks from one list to another. (I also have a “impending” list with checkboxes coloured yellow, but that’s just me being obsessive).

The result: in the Timeline, under the Home project, there is a long list of tasks. Most of the checkboxes for these tasks are coloured white - but the urgent ones are red, giving me instant visual cues that are really useful. If you don’t want a task to appear in the Timeline (sorry, it’s actually called the “Dashboard”), simply don’t give it a deadline.

You can also set an overall colour for each project, which is useful for distinguishing e.g. stuff for home from stuff for work; the checkbox colours are an addition.

It’s little things like that which have convinced me that Pagico’s developers really are committed to making it an outstanding product.

I’m actually not playing with any other PIMs alongside Pagico at the moment (well, not seriously!), because it really does have everything I could possibly want. Including start dates, for those who like such things. It makes OmniFocus look very cumbersome by comparison.

(Oh dear, I realise I’ve just uttered Famous Last Words! But we’re committed now, so I’ll have to be good…)



Posted by MadaboutDana
Jan 31, 2018 at 11:51 AM


I hear you, Paul. And have to agree – I haven’t discovered one single app that can act as the hub of everything you do. Although you can drag and drop a lot of stuff into Pagico; not just files, but e-mails as well. I suppose that could include shortcuts to specific apps. It does integrate with Zavier (or whatever that linking software is called – it’s not something I use, and offhand I can’t find the relevant reference on Pagico’s website), so that might be of interest.

The team integration is a particularly attractive feature from our point of view, but probably not relevant to you. BusyCal sounds like a good solution for the time being. Another one you might want to revisit is RememberTheMilk, which is gradually evolving into a very powerful PIM.

One of the big things I like about Pagico is the enthusiasm - it’s constantly under development, which can only be a good thing. The developers clearly listen to what their customers tell them, and have steadily streamlined and optimised what has always been a very ambitious app. Good for them, I say!


Posted by Jeffery Smith
Jan 31, 2018 at 01:45 PM


I updated to Pagico 8 and am going to give it a try for several weeks. I keep defaulting back to ToDoist, but this time I’m going to go it alone with just Pagico.


Posted by Paul Korm
Jan 31, 2018 at 03:50 PM


Bill I think “Xavier” is Zapier.


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