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Outlines of outlines

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Posted by Ken Ashworth
Oct 4, 2006 at 02:35 PM


RE: MS-Word Templates in UR as a UR Template

I recently had to setup a couple of these, and although the UR docs were helpful it was still confusing and required much trail and error (maybe just me).

Here’s what I found:

Create the desired template in MS-Word, save as a Word Template (.dot); it is not really required that you save as a .dot, but I had the Word Templates already exisitng, and when saving as a .dot the Word Templates can be shared and used by others.

The part that gave me fits was trying to use the .dot file as the basis for the UR Template, even went so far as to (try to) modify the UR Preferences but could not get UR to open the Word .dot file.

What I finally got to work was - from Word open a New Document, select the desired Word Template, then save the New Word Document to a convienent location. In my case I named the New Word Document the same as the Word Template name and saved to \My Documents Folder.

In UR Template Folder, create a new Template Item (Document Type), drag-drop the Word .doc file to new Template Item.

I’m not sure if drag-drop is the correct method because I then had to edit the UR Item Attributes | Doucument | URL value to blank; when you drag-drop the URL value is the path to the file you just dragged-dropped - seems to me that once you get the .doc file into the UR template you don’t need the originating file, which can be deleted, hence the need to blank the URL value.

Anyway, I worked on this a few weeks ago and this is what I recall getting to work.

Hope this Helps,


Posted by Graham Smith
Oct 4, 2006 at 02:46 PM



>I think Zoot has a way of searching linked files, but I’ve never got it to work.

Are you still using Zoot? 

The searching should just happen, other than linking the file, you shouldn’t need to do anything for it to work.



Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Oct 4, 2006 at 02:50 PM


One program that provides a modest outline of outlines is ListPro from Iliumsoft.com. You can create a hierarchical list of your lists in the tree pane, and then each of the items in your list can be subheads of other items. Not perfect, by any means, but perhaps effective for some purposes.

Steve Z.


Posted by Derek Cornish
Oct 4, 2006 at 09:01 PM


Thanks for the explanation, Hugh. It’s very helpful to know how far UR is achieving integration with other software. This is a perennial problem.


Posted by Derek Cornish
Oct 4, 2006 at 11:23 PM


Steve -

I looked at both desktop and PC versions of ListPro a month or so ago when scoping out programs to use on my Axim. As you say, although it’s not quite what I have in mind in connection with the current thread, it certainly shows the power of the “outline of outlines” approach. It’s about the best program I’ve come across for making and storing lists of lists, and the multi-column feature is very useful. I’m currently trying to find an excuse to buy it.



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