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Demise of NoteMap

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Posted by Slartibartfarst
Dec 26, 2019 at 02:16 PM


@trailbait: In answer to your query (below):
Out of interest, I downloaded and installed a full trial/demo copy of NoteMap v12.0.0.49974.
I tried it out, tried to break it and read the Help file.
It seems very stable, but, not long after starting, it pops-up a non-fatal error warning about a failed call to an RPC Server. Nicely made piece of software. Good ergonomics too. I quite liked it.

Conclusion: Exporting to MS Word seems to be your only easy option, and it works.
Experimentation showed that the facility to Export/Send to Word seemed to work perfectly for Word in Office 2016 (though there are options in NoteMap that, I suppose, could be set that might mess formats up in the output).
There is also the facility to Print, but I have my laptop configured to treat PDF Creator as a printer, and NotePad doesn’t seem able to detect that and says I have no printers installed. Legacy software sometimes does that.

If you’ve tried outputting it to Word and it fouls up, then try hoisting successive bits of the file (per the Help manual) and outputting them piecemeal like that, each piece going to a separate Word document. I suspect you may then discover why some sections of the NoteMap file don’t output too well - or maybe that the Send function gets buffer overflow errors when trying to output an entire file over a certain (undocumented) size.

Hope this helps or is of use.
Hope you had a great Christmas. Have a prosperous New Year.

@trailbait wrote:
I have a very large NoteMap file (.cnm) that I need to be able to import
>into WorkFlowy or Dynalist. Any suggestions for how to do this?
> >Exporting to Word and then trying to import the Word file creates a mess
>that loses all hierarchy and formatting. It’s untenable with an outline
>of this size.


Posted by trailbait
Jan 11, 2020 at 02:10 AM


I ended up copying text directly from NoteMap 2 and pasting it into Workflowy. I lost some formatting, e.g., underlined words, highlighted text, etc., but it kept my hierarchies. Out of what I perceived to the available options, that gave me the least-worst result. I’m happy with Workflowy, but I’m sad to say goodbye to NoteMap 2. I used it daily for as long as I can remember.


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