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Card-based productivity software

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Posted by MadaboutDana
Feb 2, 2016 at 10:29 PM


Andy Brice wrote:
>Do you have a particular preference? Markdown, HTML or something else?
>HTML is almost certainly easier it implement in Hyper Plan’s tech stack.
>Can you point me at some desktop software with a particularly good
>implementation of rich text notes (no point in re-inventing that wheel),

I don’t think it really matters: Markdown is useful, because it’s basically just plain text that’s been “interpreted”. But then so is HTML, and as you say, that’s usually easier to implement (and there are some fantastic HTML editors around).

On the desktop? Well, I’d take a close look at the amazing Quiver (only available on Mac OS at the moment, but uses an underlying JSON structure). It sells itself as a programmer’s notebook, but it’s much more than that. Most of the other apps I use personally are Markdown-based, with the ability to sync very quickly between my various mobile devices. But another good example on Mac OS is, of course, Apple’s own Notes app. Very easy to use, very accomplished.


Posted by Andy Brice
Feb 2, 2016 at 10:47 PM


I understood (from reading Jeff Atwood’s blog) that there was no overall standard for markdown. Is that still the case? Or are the various implementations ‘close enough’ to each other?


Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Feb 2, 2016 at 10:48 PM


Andy Brice wrote:

>If the notes are extensive, wouldn’t it be better to put them in
>Evernote (or similar) and hyperlink from the card?

One solution, but not ideal. Especially mixing a cloud-based app with a desktop app. Still, it is the kind of thing we’re forced to do.

There’s a program called Debrief Notes, which has an approach that I appreciate—sadly, the UI is dreadful enough to make the app unusable. But the intention is to allow you to associate notes with projects and people. It still has a website, but the app hasn’t been updated for years. Here’s the website:


I’m not suggesting this approach for HyperPlan or anything like that. Just pointing out one app that at least tried a note-centric project management approach.

BTW, the cloud-based IQTell supposedly allows you to mingle Evernote notes with your project notes, but I didn’t trial the program long enough to determine how well that worked.

Steve Z.


Posted by Jan S.
Feb 3, 2016 at 06:19 AM


Andy Brice wrote:
I understood (from reading Jeff Atwood’s blog) that there was no overall
>standard for markdown. Is that still the case? Or are the various
>implementations ‘close enough’ to each other?

Yes. Multimarkdown, Github-Markdown etc. There are endless version and they mostly conflict.


Posted by Jon Polish
Feb 3, 2016 at 05:43 PM


You guy are aware that ToDoList 7.1 is in development and is including a Kanban board? The reason that I mention this is because it supports rich text notes rather nicely, in my opinion.



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