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RightNote Printing Question

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Posted by Ken
Jan 7, 2016 at 01:56 AM


I have decided to use RightNote in place of Asana for PM at work.  I realize that it will not allow you to print the results of a tagged search, which IMHO is a useful feature, but I also cannot get the program to print our my tasks on my pages showing which page they belong with.  When I tell it to print all the tasks on all of my pages with a line divider between each task, it provides not option to include the page.  This just give ma a big list which is not helpful at all if I have similar named tasks on different pages.  Does anybody know if there is a way to work around this?  I am in a pinch and need to print out outstanding tasks for meetings and have no easy way to do so.  I am waiting on a response from the developer, but am also up against a deadline.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Posted by donleone
Jan 7, 2016 at 12:34 PM


hello Ken,

I use RightNote every single day,
but unfortunately
don’t do much printing with it :-)

but THE ONLY WAY that i could think of
that this could be accomplished
would be by choosing to put all your tasks
on a SINGLE page/tree

and then just sub-dividing them by folders
so that thus the folders
would become “like pages”.

I know this sounds “limiting” at first
but consider once these great benefits
that would become available
from such a set-up:


1. The Tag-Selection to PRINT

since in the tag-list
you can right-click on a tag
and choose “select in tree”
which will then automatically select
ALL the notes with those tags
in the current tree

so that you can then go to File -> Print Options
and tell RightNote to print out
only the “selected notes”, as either:

- just the notes

- captions + notes

- or just the captions (if you leave the notes empty)

by checking always the
“Include note caption”
in the File / Print Options.

You may then consider also
instead of using just normal folders
to make the key folders as “folder tags”

so that ALL the sub-items in those folder
would become automatically tagged
with the folder name/caption title in which they are in
by for example simply dragging them into that folder.

and from there on
the printing of the “open tasks”
should be no problem,
by just printing out that folder
with its sub-items.


2. The Tree-Filter to PRINT

another benefit
from setting up all your tasks
on a single page/tree

would also be the super fast ability
to simply Ctrl-F on the tree
and INSTANTLY filter down the tree
to whatever keyword you might like

and then again from there
selecting all the results in the tree
and then printing out the chosen.



Posted by Ken
Jan 7, 2016 at 06:20 PM


Thank you for the thoughtful reply and suggestions.  I have already some of the suggestions that you have mentioned, but initially set up my projects on separate pages.  I will reconsider this arrangement as you have offered some good suggestions, but I am not too happy about the time it would take to restructure my projects.  But, a solution is better than no solution, and you have made highlighted some compelling features.  I was just hoping to not have a huge tree of projects, but I guess that would be present in Asana, Wrike or Todoist as they do not offer tabbed sheets.




Posted by donleone
Jan 7, 2016 at 07:27 PM


yes, the “huge tree” concept
seems currently to be
the most efficient
in RightNote.

(i personally have one tree
with about 7000 items on it
and RightNote still remains
INSTANT fast in filtering that tree
or moving anything on it)

(which is not to say that i don’t use also pages
i do very much, but pages are more suited for “static” data,
whereas whenever you want to do heavy tagging or tasking
it is always best to put them all unto one huge tree)

but to exactly avoid the constant scrolling up & down on that huge tree
for that very reason, RightNote also has the “Folder Panel”
(View -> Show Folder Panel) as can be seen here:

which is a “mini-tree view” of the big tree
but with just the folders of the tree showing
(and yet still retaining the same structure
and also able to show sub-items on it)

and which “Folder Panel” is especially
since the latest 3.4.1 release
now even more useful
in that you can now
EASILY just drag items
from the main tree to that folder pane

and thus not only re-arrange your tree quickly
but more usefully in your case,
can thus move a “completed task”
unto a “completed task folder”
but just a simple dragging it over
unto that Folder Pane.

and with the extra benefit also
that now this task also becomes
instantly tagged automatically as “completed”
or as “whatever you name that folder after”
(as a “folder tag” is simply
just the folder name text)

- - -

and as far as the time needed
to re-arrange your project

one thing that does WORK well across pages
is the simple dragging of a folder unto another page
and then simply releasing it again
unto that new “huge tree”.

so that actually the combining
of all the pages into that huge tree
(with the same folder structure retained)
should not take actually so long.



Posted by Ken
Jan 7, 2016 at 09:22 PM


Hi donleone,

I appreciate the additional information.  This is quite helpful, and if I am able to work on the file this weekend, I can see if this new arrangement integrates into my workflow.  Right now, I am drowning in crises, and we are having major email archive issues, so my electronic records are not as they normally would be.  It is quite frustrating and causing me additional grief.  Thanks again for spelling out the steps needed to make this happen.  I may have a question or two this weekend if I get stuck, but hopefully things will go smoothly.



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