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rightnote on bits for $29.97, 50% off

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Posted by jimspoon
Mar 4, 2014 at 07:19 PM



this was yesterday’s deal, extended another day.

I might have to look at it again.  Any takers?


Posted by PIMfan
Mar 5, 2014 at 12:22 AM


Jim -

I find Rightnote interesting.  I downloaded the Pro version a couple months back and liked some of it’s features - I really like its support for including PDFs into it’s search index.

I did find the seach functionality initially a bit confusing for conducting boolean searches after I read the help file.  I sent an email to Raul Bauer, and he responded as follows:
Me:  I’m trying to perform a search for items that include two (non-contiguous) terms - an “AND” search.  In the Help File under “Search”, it describes a search tab options pane for:
              All terms (for FTS only)        Match all terms together or if unchecked then match any term.
      I don’t see that option on the search tab options pane.  I have FTS enabled.  Am I looking in the wrong place?  How do I search for items that have two words I specify?

Raul:  Sorry the help on that topic is outdated.  You need to have the option “exact phrase” unchecked. (plus fast mode)

After this, I was able to conduct the searches I wanted.  Hopefully the above might help you also.

Search is quite fast in my experience although in all truthfulness, I did not import 10K documents or anything like that.  I liked that search highlighting is included.  Unfortunately, I still have not found anything as satisfying as the search results highlighting and category intersection window of the original desktop Evernote v2.2 PIM (I still use it today).

One feature I find missing is the ability to save searches ala InfoRecall or InfoQube - both of which I used in the past (and am taking another try at right now)...

Overall, I kinda like RightNote (and still have the free one on my desktop).  Be sure to post back your thoughts on RightNote after using it for a while - I’d be interested in learning what you think if you buy it.



Posted by 22111
Mar 6, 2014 at 06:10 PM


“I have FTS enabled.”


would you be so kind as to tell me what exactly you do?

I had not de-installed RN from my system, so it’s reverted to free, but I, OF COURSE, had never enabled “Exact Phrase” when I tried Boolean search, and I simply do NOT get it.

Search mode: normal
Search in: captions AND content
Options: none
Scope: all pages

Now, “Search for”

a b

does nothing, and

a AND b

doesn’t do anything either.

Now, in Tools-Options-Search:
expand results: on
include sample text: yes
highlight search term: yes
include sample text for fts: yes or no, no difference!
Include fts samples if less than 14 results
limit displayed search results to 100 items
search results icon mode: user
words before: 2
words after: 2
extended unicode support: yes or no, no difference

I do NOT get any search results, and even for terms that only contain a…z chars.

Neither for

a OR b

and yes, I saved the file before searching. That’s all I can do.

So either this prog is not only buggy or I must have overlooked something very important, and I kindly ask you to look it up together.

What are your exact settings from which your Boolean search (And or OR) does bring any result?

Or, what additional settings do you find and which I did not mention above, re free vs. Prof or such? But then, when my version WAS “Prof”, I tried for hours.


Posted by Chris Murtland
Mar 6, 2014 at 06:28 PM


22111, I edited your post to remove the profanity and the personal attacks. If you can’t refrain from those things, I’ll have to ban you from the forum.



Posted by 22111
Mar 6, 2014 at 07:13 PM


OK, even though this would be a loose-loose situation, considering that I’m responsible for lots of traffic here, right?

But back to RightNote: I gave specifics; people who implay I’m wrong didn’t, in the past, and that’s a quite unhealthy situation for which I very much hope there will be new info about WHY I’m mistaken.

And finally, the reprimanded part of my vocabulary is in line with that of the U.S. Government, and no mistake there, that’s a fact. ;-)


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