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two-pane outliner that can show more than one note at a time in the viewer/editor pane?

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Posted by MadaboutDana
Oct 14, 2013 at 02:21 PM


Also worth mentioning WinOrganizer and Golden Section Notes (the latter a subset of the former), developed by The Golden Section Labs (tgslabs.com), although they don’t appear to have been updated since 2011.

Although the notes element in both apps doesn’t exactly display multiple notes’ content in a single pane, you can collect multiple notes into a single note, as it were, and then open the individual notes in separate panes. It also has a powerful Inspector feature and supports attached files.

And of course it’s also worth reminding people that InfoRecall, UltraRecall, TreeProjects and MyInfo all have an MDI interface, so can display multiple notes horizontally and/or vertically (in the case of TreeProjects, in an impressively wide variety of configurations).


Posted by 22111
Oct 14, 2013 at 03:54 PM


“And of course it’s also worth reminding people that InfoRecall, UltraRecall, TreeProjects and MyInfo all have an MDI interface, so can display multiple notes horizontally and/or vertically (in the case of TreeProjects, in an impressively wide variety of configurations).”

MadaboutDana, could you give some details? I use UR every day, but have not found a way to have two texts, let alone together with their respective sub-trees, open at the same time, except, as described above, from opening two databases concurrently, in two UR instances.

What you say about MDI interface, do you mean when I open UR in two “instances”, it’s not really two instances? But the effect here is the same: Two different windows, on two different screens (or sided on one large one); of course, those panes can then be moved around, but there is no command purveying from one single UR window, to such an “external” UR pane, so if technically two instances or not, it’s always your need to have a look in which UR window you “are”, and to which UR window your commands go.

I suppose this is similar with the other programs you mention. Or do I not grasp something important in what you say?

On the other hand, it’s


soon on sale (but in “old” version 6) on bits, that seems to have multiple (and editable) content panes WITHIN ONE instance of the program, or within one framing main window, so for the moment, myBase should be the only real solution to the “editing more than one text pane in one outliner” task we are discussing here?


Posted by 22111
Oct 14, 2013 at 04:04 PM


I just checked again, for UR: It’s not possible to freely place the content pane, that’s only possible for the “secondary” panes, all those list panes. But even those, you cannot multiply, just place to the other monitor, as with palettes in a graphics program for example. So “MDI”, “multiple document interface”, might be a technical term, implying possibilities, but if the developer in question does not provide them, makes sufficient use of this technology, inspite of the term, there will be NO “multiple documents”!

Or then, I overlooked something important, but then, all other UR users will have always overlooked these hidden possibilities, too: they CRAVE for this functionality (and some even continue to ask for it).


Posted by 22111
Oct 14, 2013 at 04:14 PM


Technically, you are right: It’s just one instance, that closes both windows = both “main frames” by Alt-F4, but you cannot open one UR database in both windows, just different databases, and you switch around by Alt-Tab, as you would do between two instances of the same, or between two different programs, and as said, there is no way to “free” the content pane of the second window, in order to integrate it perhaps into your “main frame”. So from the “user experience” point of view, it’s like two different instances, when myBase seems to permit multiple open windows in its one and only main window… which also means that the second content pane will be able to show content from within the very same database (judging from their screenshots).

The other outliners you mention, might do this better than UR, but UR is a lost case, here again, and I’m so fed up with it!


Posted by 22111
Oct 14, 2013 at 04:54 PM


I tried again with two UR databases, in order to check if it was possible, as wikipedia claims, to switch between them not only with alt-tab, but with control-tab, too. Not even that is possible, so we can safely delete UR from this list! Again, it’s always possible to open two UR databases side by side, in two complete frames, and then switch around as you’d switch around between an outliner and Word, for example.

Perhaps another word re MyInfo, where users await the editability of the second content pane, which would make that pane functional, at last: Years ago, MyInfo was very buggy, and I often encountered “list out of bounds” error messages. Now in their forum, from summer 2013 (mature version 6), “list out of bounds” is mentioned, and the introduction of version 6 came with a plethora of new, unnecessary bugs (but otherwise was a big advantage over version 5). This program is not bad, but it seems its coding standards are not really professional, but too “manual”, too “trial and error”, too “do something here, do something there”, and it’s not impossible to loose data with it (I did, and it’s mentioned in the forum, lately). In direct comparison, UR is rock-stable, so it’s a real pity UR isn’t under (what I would call) active development anymore.

Again, what about myBase? Some users here have said it’s many good ideas, poorly executed. Perhaps they put some work into that execution, in the meanwhile, to make it better? (Version 6 came out with bugs, too, if I remember well…)


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