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Ultrarecall - Help!!!

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Posted by Cassius
Aug 2, 2013 at 02:45 AM


Speaking of memory:

Short-term memory (=working memory):  If it is giving you problems AND you are either a teen with ADHD or have high blood pressure, have I got a pill for you:  GUANFACINE.
This has been around for a long time and was tested on rats, in a LEGITIMATE study. The researchers tested the short term memory of young rats and compared the results with old rats not given this drug and old rats given it.  The old rats without Guanfacine did much poorer than the young rats.  The old rats with Guanfacine did about the same as the young rats.

I showed the study to my cardiologist and after researching it himself, he gave me a prescription for the minimum dosage.  It works!  It has been around for a long time, doesn’t seem to have displayed any serious side effects, and is available as a generic.

Researchers are also working on a supplement for long term memory.  It works on rats, but human studies are still underway.  It is available in “health” supplement stores, but since no one knows how it works on people or if it has nasty side effects, I won’t take it or recommend it.


Posted by 22111
Aug 2, 2013 at 12:50 PM


- Did you try to contact the Jot developer? Did he respond? His “out of service for family reasons” sticker is years old, but perhaps he answers to mails?

- Originally there was an “ABC Amber Converter” for Jot, which was free, but which is not available anymore. Do you have a copy of this? Could you even share it? Anybody else? I would not ask were it not that it had been free and that it is not available anywhere, anymore. Btw, this ABC Amber Converter should appear as the only reason to put anything into Jot. I mean it is necessary to have a possible “way out” for every data you ever store anywhere.

- There had also been, or is, “Jot Convert”, from Jot themselves. Unfortunately, they don’t make this available for their trial version, but only to paying users (so in theory, there is a risk one buys the software and then never gets the tool), which would be ok IF they answered mails anymore, hence my question if they do. If they do, you might ask for this tool from them. Why? Because Jot only exports to XML / HTML but their tool also exports to Word; you might even have stored their import-export tool on your harddisk, even if they do not answer their customers’ mails anymore - or do they?

- They also have a tool called “Jot Merge” but it does not seem it was developed beyond a very basic / unreliable (?) state.

- That “ABC Amber Converter” mentioned above should be the ideal solution if ever somebody could get hold of it.


Posted by 22111
Aug 2, 2013 at 12:57 PM


I forgot to mention why I mentioned Jot Merge: Because it is the only try of my knowledge any outliner developer ever has undertaken to bring about a solution to the age-old problem of synchronizing two different versions of the same outline file, and that is certainly worth an honorable mention even if it has nothing to do with the problem at hand, all the more laudable since Jot is text file based, not database based, where such functionality should be much easier to realize.


Posted by Cassius
Aug 2, 2013 at 02:01 PM


In reply to 2111:

I telephoned the developer of Jot+ a couple of years ago.  He told me that he now has more lucrative software development (programming) jobs.  It’s clear that he will not be doing any more development in Jot+.

I do have Jot Convert, but it hasn’t helped. I never heard of “ABC Amber Converter,” but will search for it.

When I have time, I’ll try again to do an Ultra Recall conversion.


Posted by 22111
Aug 2, 2013 at 02:22 PM


- His family problems might have been resolved (if there were any); I’m sure he will not do any more development, but sending out, or not, additional tools to paying users is another bag.

- Which gives me an idea. Since the Amber tool is not available anymore, Jot developer might have a copy, and might give out a copy to you, as a customer.

- This being said, and without the Jot tool being available to non-customers, what does the Word output from it do? Failure of exporting the hierarchy into a similar Word one? Since if I am not mistaken, Ultra Recall would properly import a Word document, splitting it up again by its title/subtitle hierarchy, into an according tree of items.


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