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Suggestions for replacing Natara Bonsai on Android/Windows

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Posted by Alex
Apr 23, 2013 at 05:20 PM


Hello everyone. I’m glad to get in this forum at last, after visiting it many times before. I have been looking for the best 1-Pane Outline long time ago, since I moved to Android, and my beloved Bonsai has died within my old Palm. I’ve tried many, many programs but non of them can give me the features I did find in Bonsai. Not together, at least. Tired to go in and out in each app I found interesting, without satisfaction, I ask to the experts, what software would you recomend which gather next feature?:

1. One-pane outline for Windows & Android (sync)
2. Hopefully RTF (WYSWYG)
3. Rather portable
4. No need special project features (note taking is my primary need)

The closest program I have found until now is Notliner, no sync though, but I can copy-paste the notes I need to Evernote. I liked a lot Noteliner. I wish it has an Android version to sync with.


Posted by Dr Andus
Apr 23, 2013 at 11:34 PM


Alex - welcome to the forum. I don’t know anything about Android - though you may want to check out this recent suggestion:

However, as a fellow-Bonsai fan, I feel it’s my duty to point out that if you install an OPML export template in your Bonsai directory on your PC, then you might be able to carry on using Bonsai if you find an Android app that can import/export OPML.

Instructions and export template courtesy of Carbonfin Outliner (http://carbonfin.com/faq.html):

How do I export an outline from Bonsai

1. Download the export template: http://carbonfin.com/opml.oxt.zip
2. Extract the opml.oxt file to e.g. C:\Program Files\Bonsai
3. Open the Bonsai outline
4. Select File | Export | opml from the menu


Posted by Alexander Deliyannis
Apr 24, 2013 at 05:06 AM


Alex, welcome; did you take a look at this outliner to Linelo recently suggested by Rick here?

It seems to be ideal for Android (if your version can support it). I believe you should view the video on their Facebook page to find the link to the Windows version.


Posted by Alex
Apr 24, 2013 at 05:06 PM


Thank you, Dr Andus and Alexander! I appreciate your comments. I took a look at Linelo, but at first sight I found it very elemental. I want something simple, but no so simple.

The OPML export/import way is a good alternative for keep working on Bonsai, actually I have tried it once with Outliner for Android, but I felt it a little complicated and left behind that option while looking for something more practicle. Anyway I’ll give it another try.

In the other hand Notliner is getting me more and more pleased, I think I like it now more tha Bonsai. Maybe it’s not so powerful but it has some better features than Bonsai, like RTF, real time find, insert tables, etc… So, I’ll keep on using it, combining with Evernote to bring my notes to my Android, although it is not obviously a sync proccess substitute, but it’s useful.


Posted by Alexander Deliyannis
Apr 24, 2013 at 05:54 PM


Rather embarrassingly, I just realised that Dr Andus had already pointed to Linelo in his post which I read much later :-$

Anyway; Alex, depending on your screen and internet connection program on your Android you might want to test Fargo http://www.outlinersoftware.com/topics/viewt/4815/5

It’s an HTML5 app which syncs with Dropbox; you should be able to use it both on Android and your Windows PC.

Admittedly it is simplistic too; frankly I cannot think of any modern one-pane outliner I’ve seen that I have not found simplistic.

If you were looking for a two-pane outliner, I would probably point you to Notecase Pro, Vault 3 or several others; see http://www.outlinersoftware.com/topics/viewt/4432


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