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Your top 3 tools?

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Posted by Cassius
Mar 18, 2013 at 04:56 AM


Tim the Red wrote:
Cassius wrote:
>> Talk to the people who are ACTUALLY DOING THE WORK and watch what they do.
> >Truer advice is rarely if ever given. Alas it is just as ignored now as it always has been.
> >Anyway, I don’t post mcuh but I wanted to say three things:
> >1. the above
>2. thank you Cassius for one of the most interesting posts I’ve read on this forum
> >3. why doesn’t someone just redo Grandview for today? Easier said than
>done I suppose, but jeez, it can’t be THAT hard, can it?  heh heh…

a) Thanks, Tim.
b)  Someone did try to produce a GV for Windows.  It sort of worked, but he couldn’t get it to work well enough.  Some years ago, I tracked down GV’s author.  He had just moved and had no idea in which box his GV files were.  Also, he had moved on to other things and was not really interested.  Finally, the GV file format seems to be truly complex.  If you were to open a GV file using a simple text editor it would look like a bewildering mishmash.

NoteMap was an attempt to duplicate many of GV’s features.  Unfortunately, it was buggy, lost test (at least for me) and after one update, development was abandoned.



Posted by Dr Andus
Mar 22, 2013 at 09:46 PM


Dr Andus wrote:
>Okay, I’m gonna take a look at Checkvist to see what I’m missing :)

I did check out Checkvist, and while it is definitely more mature and more feature-rich than WorkFlowy, I still prefer the latter. And not only do I prefer it: I got properly hooked on it. My search for a task manager has ended and I stopped using my other to-do apps (Reminders on iOS, MLO on the PC, and Project Outline in ConnectedText) altogether.

Pros: one-click hoisting; iOS clients that sync automatically; text-only interface; breadcrumb-trail; speed of use and operation; everything can be part of one overall list, which can be navigated like a single desktop-wiki project. The list adapts to the size of the browser (word wrap).

Cons: it still lacks a lot of features that people might expect (check-boxes, calendar, ability to attach files, highlighting in different colours etc.), but strangely I don’t miss any of them.

A neat trick for ConnectedText users with smartphones/tablets: if you open WorkFlowy in CT’s internal browser on the PC, you can dock it as if it was CT’s own outliner (this is where the word wrap comes in), so you can have an outliner/task manager in CT which is in constant sync with your mobile devices.

The Checkvist list for instance doesn’t word-wrap, so you’d need to scroll horizontally, which is not efficient. The CT integration is not 100%, as occasionally extra lines are inserted and the cursor jumps to the second line, but it’s nothing critical and hopefully it will improve in the future.


Posted by Garland Coulson
Mar 23, 2013 at 10:08 PM


Wow just 3 tools to pick? I am a trainer/speaker so a lot of my work is divided between creating courses and marketing them. So here are 3 of my top tools.

1. CRM: Nimble. I like the interface on Nimble but the real power of it is how it integrates with social media. It pulls in my customer’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profile info and feeds and shows our conversations in Gmail and LinkedIn right below the customer’s contact information. I can schedule followups which then integrates with Google Calendar. Cloud based so I can access it anywhere.

2. Tasks/Projects: GQueues. A simple, cloud-based project management and task interface that lets me assign tasks via email. Also synchronizes with Google Calendar.

3. Evernote: Captures ideas, web resources, notes and most everything else

For actually outlining my workshops, I use Noteliner.


Posted by jaslar
Apr 6, 2013 at 04:19 PM


1. Notecase Pro. This is my work horse: daily task manager, notes database, work flow coordinator, journal, writing organizer and dashboard. A two pane outliner, and sometimes I miss that single pane power. Too, it doesn’t run on the iPad (although it does on Windows, Linux, the Mac proper, and less well on Android). But even for just writing, toggling to the note panel alone is a very distraction free workspace.

2. Xmind. I give a lot of professional talks, and this allows me to either present from a laptop with one screen, or print out a half day workshop on a single piece of paper. Downside again: not available on an iPad. But I use SimpleMind or iThoughts in the same way. A graphic single pane outliner, as I think of it.

3. LibreOffice or Word. For significant writing projects, things wind up being exported from Notecase Pro for the last coat of polish and publication.

Honorable mentions: Evernote is still the best, multiplatform tool for gathering notes and quick jotting. I’m just starting to fiddle with Workflowy, but see real potential there.


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