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Anyone testing the Omea Pro 2.3 beta?

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Posted by PIMfan
Apr 21, 2007 at 01:41 AM


I’ve closely monitored the Omea Pro forums, and have noticed how so many people had problems and were not getting responses in the forums.  Because the last 2.2 version lost the MS Word and Excel viewer functionality, I did not install and test it after I discovered Omea Pro was free (as of Dec.).

So as a first time user of Omea Pro, I must say that I’m quite impressed.  I know several posters here were users of Omea and some abandoned it out of frustration.  Has anyone else tried the latest beta?  I did see that they made a change to the indexing and recommend a complete re-index when using the new version.

While it might have a number of issues for some users, for someone like me who is stuck using MS Outlook, I must say I am quite impressed with their Outlook integration.  As a registered user of Ultra Recall v3, I really wish that Kinook offered integration at this level….

The Omea 2.3 beta hasn’t burped on me yet, but I’m curious if anyone else has checked it out…..http://www.jetbrains.com/omea/download/eap.html



Posted by Wojciech
Apr 22, 2007 at 01:31 PM


I’ve been using Omea Pro since the very beginning. The latest build 1106 fixes the bugs you mentioned and for me is stable and functional enough to keep using it.


Posted by Ian Goldsmid
Apr 23, 2007 at 09:34 PM


I have been using Omea Pro since early Version 1. The latest ‘EAP’ release 1106: http://www.jetbrains.com/omea/download/eap.html - is a VERY big improvement on all previous versions. I did stop using it for 6-9 months or more, because there were too many serious bugs, and the developers totally stopped responding in the Forums, which we later discovered was because a decision was being made to put it in Open Source.

Some few are still reporting Contact duplication, but that is not happening for me, (I am using Outlook 2007).

I am getting excited about it all over again - because it really does have extensive features and functions for power users that no other product comes close to - even UltraRecall Pro which now has extensive file, and Outlook sync doesn’t match up in my opinion.

When Zoot 5 finally arrives, maybe that will equal or surpass Omea Pro - but one major issue with Outlook Sync with Zoot 4 is that if you move Outlook Items into different Outlook Folders after sync with Zoot, the links to Zoot are broken - which for me makes Zoot unusable for that purpose. Plus the Omea Pro file and Outlook Sync are automatic - you don’t need to manually resync - a big plus.



Posted by quant
Apr 24, 2007 at 08:08 AM


Ian Goldsmid wrote:
>I am getting excited about it all over
>again - because it really does have extensive features and functions for power users
>that no other product comes close to - even UltraRecall Pro which now has extensive
>file, and Outlook sync doesn’t match up in my opinion.

I don’t use Outlook at all (more than enough using one MS product, Win XP).
You say that even UR doesn’t match up. Could you please name some features which are better there compared to UR (apart from Outlook) or even missing? Does it have save searches, attributes, forms? (sorry, don’t have enough time to test another PIM myself)

The fact that it is now an open source is a huuuuge plus, but are there some developers who are going to continue developing it?
I suppose it is based on Java, do you know whether it can run under Linux?



Posted by JJ
Apr 24, 2007 at 03:14 PM


I have used Omea Pro for some time & also use UR.

I think the biggest difference is the paradigm that each product uses:

OP uses the existing file structure (for better or worse) while UR lets you create an internal data structure completely independent of your hard drive file structure (for better or worse).

Listed below are my thoughts on each.


+ Great integration with Outlook (emails, tasks & contacts) It automatically monitors the .pst file (and any changes that are made) (for example it will monitor an email that you move from one folder to another) I use OP rather than Outlook for my emails.

+ It automatically indexes all files in the locations you select and monitors for changes automatically.

+ Supports RSS and ATOM feeds.

- Your “database” is not portable because it uses the hard drive file structure for the existing computer. Whereas UR is portable since you can store files in the database.

-OP uses much more computer resources than UR. (I think OP is a .NET framework application)

-OP does not support PowerPoint files (viewing)

-OP does not let you edit docs (word, excel…) within OP.

-Does not deal with Outlook calendar events (same as UR)

-Does not allow you to “store” files within the database… it only reads the existing files on your selected directories on your hard drive.

Ultra Recall:
+Meta Data is a big plus for UR. You can only attach notes & categories to pieces of data in OP while UR is far more flexible (allowing you to create custom data fields)

+/-UR allows you to create several databases (for example I have one for work, one for my hobbies and one for home finances…) while OP only uses 1 database. Having said that, OP uses a concept called “workspaces” which allows you to filter the data for each workspace (i.e., work, home, finances…) With OP’s approach you can globally search all your work spaces, while UR can only search 1 data base.

+ UR allows you to edit docs with UR (word, excel, powerpoint…)

+ Uses MS technology to view MS docs. Results in better, more accurate views of documents.

+ UR databases are portable.

Overall, I think OP is more powerful but there are currently too many weaknesses for me (i.e. support for powerpoint, too slow, lack of custom meta data,…) PLUS, the company has stopped development of the product and decided to go to “open source”. This puts the product’s future in question.

UR may not have as many “bell and whistles” as OP, but it doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses (for me). Plus it is still being developed by a company (who appears to listen to customers)

So, for now it’s UR.



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