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MyInfo at 'bitsdujour'

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Posted by Cassius
Jun 22, 2010 at 01:50 AM


Well, I tried using MyInfo Standard to capture a Web page.  As far as I can tell, MyInfo does NOT EASILY capture and save the entire page.  It only seems to EASILY capture the page link.  Here’s how I tested it:

After I tried saving in MyInfo a Web page I had opened in FireFox (you have to insert a plug-in for FireFox), MyInfo instructed me to “Click to Open the Link.”  This made me suspicious. 

So I opened in Firefox a Web page I had saved on my Desktop.  I then sent the page to MyInfo using the right-click context menu.  I then switched to MyInfo and used “Click to Open the Link.”  The page opened in MyInfo.  I then changed the name of the saved page on my desktop by adding an “x” to the name.  Then when I tried opening the page in MyInfo, it didn’t open.  MyInfo did not save the page, only the link.

I then looked at the MyInfo help file.  Here’s what I found:
To insert a web document in the tree:

Select the document, after or under, which you want to insert the new web document.
Select the Insert > Web Document command or use the Ctrl+Alt+W shortcut.

The Insert Web Document dialog will appear.

Type the web page address you want to link to or select an address from the Recently used links list.
Type a custom web document title in the Text to display box, if you want the document title to be different than the web address.

If you want to insert a local copy of the web resource, instead of linking to its web address (the local copy will be saved in your topic), turn on the Save Local Copy of the Web Page option.
To insert the new web document after the selected document in the tree, click Insert.

To insert the new web document as a subdocument, under the selected document in the tree, click Insert Child.
NOTE THAT to save a local copy of a Web page one must check the “INSERT/Web document/Save Local Copy of the Web Page” menu option.  This appears to only be possible when using the INSERT menu command, where one must type or past in the page address (URL).  Thus, it appears that to ACTUALLY save the PAGE, MyInfo involves more work than does MyBase. 


Posted by keiffer
Jun 22, 2010 at 04:10 PM


I agree that it was a real pain to have to go
through all those steps when other apps
did it in one step. But….............
it looks like that problem has been fixed.
In version 5, after sending it to MyInfo go to
the MyInfo window that has the web capture
and just above that window is an icon.
The icon lets you store it locally. I had to look
through the forum to find someone else that
had the same problem.

Now for a test. Go to the bitsdujour website
and send the web page to MyInfo, preferrably
the MyInfo offering. Go in to MyInfo and click on
that icon to store it locally. It might take awhile.
Close MyInfo and reopen. Click on the document
that has the bitsdujour web page. How long
does it take to open. On both my PCs, one six
months old and the other less than a month old,
it takes minutes. Is it quick or slow on your PC?

I can capture web page snippets in WebResearch
and they look exactly the same. In MyInfo they need
touch ups. I tried to do recipes for my wife and
the text would be all over the place. I clipped it
with WebResearch and it looked great. Just send
it to the printer.

As other people have said, use MyInfo for saving text
and a web capture program for saving web pages.



Posted by Roberto
Apr 20, 2012 at 12:41 PM


its back, 61%



Posted by Alexander Deliyannis
Apr 20, 2012 at 05:58 PM


Stephen Zeoli wrote:
>MyInfo is a very solid information manager. It has a clean interface and customizable
>columns for meta data. The tagging scheme is nice, with a handy tag filter. It has a
>tabbed interface for keeping multiple databases open and accessible at the same
>time, and provides cross-database searches.

To add to Steve’s comprehensive list, one of MyInfo’s valuable talents is its ability to create very usable websites from its material, including attachments. You can read below an application of this functionality, but I am sure there are many others:


Posted by shatteredmindofbob
Apr 20, 2012 at 10:52 PM


I’m playing with the demo right now. It seems kind like Zoot-lite?

It’s a good looking app, but I’m not entirely sure what I would use it for. Anyone have any use cases?

Definitely not as a journal. I tried the diary template…um, no, just no.


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