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CRIMP Defined




MyInfo at 'bitsdujour'

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Posted by WSP
Apr 21, 2012 at 05:26 PM


I use it daily for note-taking and outlining. The categories are useful (I routinely use a “Done” attribute in the tree panel, for example, to remind myself of whether a note needs any further work), the cross-note linking is very slick, and in general everything works smoothly and as expected.

As I’ve explained elsewhere, I usually take notes in one file (called a “topic” in MyInfo), create a cross-linked outline in a second file (both of which can be seen on the screen at once), and write a draft in either a third topic or a text editor.

MyInfo is updated slowly but steadily. It deserves to be better known and more widely used. The developer (Petko) is pleasant and rather self-effacing, and MyInfo is overshadowed by other note-taking programs with more flashy features.



shatteredmindofbob wrote:
>I’m playing with the demo right now. It seems kind like Zoot-lite?
> >It’s a good
>looking app, but I’m not entirely sure what I would use it for. Anyone have any use
> >Definitely not as a journal. I tried the diary template…um, no, just no. 


Posted by jimson
Apr 23, 2012 at 09:23 PM


Thanks, Roberto. Just purchased MyInfo Pro. I was playing with it in the past, but now with such a good discount I decided it’s time to stop procrastinating.

Pity, there is no Android app though..

Roberto wrote:
>its back, 61%
> >http://www.bitsdujour.com/software/myinfo/ 


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