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MicroLogic Takes Over InfoSelect Yahoo Group/Jim Lewis Posts

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Posted by Daly de Gagne
Sep 25, 2009 at 09:13 PM


In a recent post to InfoSelect@yahoogroups.com InfoSelect’s creator and MicroLogic’s owner announced that the Yahoo group was now in ML’s hands.

Jim himself posted what was, the first communication I have ever seen from him to anyone, even though people such as myself had pestered him for years to comment on the state of IS.

He has since written several posts to the group. They have all been on the money, more or less, except for one warning that people should look at the rules stipulating positive posts.

The post about the rules lead to the announcement today of a fall-back, independent IS group, which people could join in the event of censorship on the official IS group. The person announcing the fall-back group said he didn’t want anyone joining it yet - that it was a just in case kind of announcement.
To Lewis’ credit, he has so far tolerated some fairly substantial criticism about IS and its shortfalls.

People are asking, for example, that the much lamented transporter, that has never worked particularly well, be fixed.

But there’s also a request that IS introduce such features as true hoisting, cloning, etc.

Jim has mentioned that works moves ahead on v10 of IS, and that it sports a new interfaces with much rewriting of code. To some people, so far, it seems more like the old IS with Word’s ribbon bar. But there has been too little reported on the IS beta on the group or anywhere else to say with certainty what exists beyond the blue ribbon.

Writers to the group have mentioned other products, most notably EverNote and Zoot.

As I continue to play around with Zoot 6 beta, now up to about 30 builds, it appears to be aa real up and comer - a somewhat ironic statement given its age, yet elevant given that IS is also a product that has been around a long time.



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