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Summer 2009 PIM roll-call

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Posted by Dominik Holenstein
Jul 31, 2009 at 04:03 PM


My setup is ‘reduced to the max’:
- PersonalBrain
- Word
- Excel



Posted by Franz Grieser
Jul 31, 2009 at 04:19 PM



I use Windows PCs for my freelance job as a journalist (covering mainly Microsoft Office) and a Mac Mini for creative work and fun.

On Windows:

Outlook 2007 for e-mail, calendar, address book:
OpenOffice.org Calc for to-do lists
OpenOffice.org Writer and Word 2003/2007 for writing
Xmind for outlining when the outliner in Writer does not suffice
Info Select for accessing all the stuff I threw in in the last 10 years
OneOne 2007 for new projects and web snippets
Mindgenius Business for brainstorming and presenting

On the Mac:
Scrivener for writing and for storing the stuff I need for my novel
Tinderbox for brainstorming and shuffling ideas around



Posted by quant
Jul 31, 2009 at 06:55 PM


pdf-xchange viewer (to make notes inside pdf files, which are then indexed by Archivarius)


Posted by JG
Jul 31, 2009 at 08:02 PM


Just discovered Xmind replacing old version of MindMapper. Can’t afford the update
Drifting away from Keynote, but optimistic about its development
Still using ECCO but not as much.
Microsoft Word 2003 for any finished product in academic work. Along with the dreaded PowerPoint for lectures
My favorite—EvenNote for stashing notes, todo lists, research projects.

My deepest longing is still for a single pane outliner like PCOutline or Grandview


Posted by Alexander Deliyannis
Aug 1, 2009 at 05:49 PM


My WINDOWS setup (running Windows XP on notebook and office desktop; files synced via NomaDesk webdrive and SuperFlexible)

Todo: Notecase Pro syncing with Projekt (on Symbian smartphone) - Smatphone is the starting point

Email: The Bat! (need to change; testing Postbox and eagerly waiting for Zoot 6)

Calendar: Rainlendar atop Outlook database syncing with Symbian smartphone calendar app syncing with Google Calendar via GooSync - again, Smatphone is the starting point

Research and web clippings: Evernote and Surfulater / Linkstash for bookmarks

Outlining: UltraRecall for project information, mostly used as address book actually

Notes and first drafts: Brainstorm

Writing (final drafts): Word 2003

I have invested in some very powerful programs such as InfoQube but am not changing my setup at this point due to intense work.

My LINUX setup (running OpenSuse on netbook and Linux Mint on home desktop) includes only cross-platform or web applications for testing and complimenting my Windows work

Todo: Notecase Pro

Email: webmail (Gmail with POP access to all my account; also used as archive)

Calendar: Google Calendar

Research and web clippings: EverNote via bookmarklet (EN has no Linux client as yet)

I’m also playing around (not now actually) with some additional cross-platform applications: Xmind, Dokuwiki etc

One thing I can say about my setup is that it’s quite resilient; I have rarely lost data, and when I have it’s been mostly recovered quite quickly (knocks wood).

@ Tom S.: Dan said most that I would say on Evernote; I personally find its flexibility in data collection excellent; its tag system (which I was reluctant to use) is brilliant—you can assign tags when collecting information or later, you can organise them in infinite levels, rename them, etc. Most importantly, its cross-platform nature, automatic sync and web access make it for me unrivaled and indispensable.


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