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Outliners indexing external links

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Posted by Anthony
Apr 21, 2024 at 07:45 AM


@Robin @Cyganet @Pierre thank you for your great feedback, testing and clarification. And yes I missed to state that I was referring to Win OS.
About indexing Urls: I recall mybase v.5.x at the beginning of the millennium. It was well integrated with Internet explorer, showing, saving and updating web pages within the outliner. No longer so.

Very interesting tests Cyganet. I knew the ability of Ultrarecall in capturing the text of PDFs. Thanks to confirm that with the latest version. However I guess this is not exactly “indexing”, but importing the whole PDF text, although the result is similar, or even better.
Using iFilters to search PDFs probably would take less space than importing the whole text. Pierre could probably say more on that given his wonderful skills.

Let me say something more about RightNote. It does overall a good job, in matching searched words.
- It shows in its results 2 words before and 2 after the matched word.
- As I already noticed it does not open the Pdf in to the right place: that should not be impossible since many PDF readers take attributes from a link so to open to an exact page.
-It does not index epub though, just PDFs if you flag the option.

The two best programs, that are not outliners,  able to index files in my opinion remain (in the Win world) dtSearch and Archivarius 3000.


Posted by Slartibartfarst
Apr 21, 2024 at 04:42 PM


From memory, OneNote (as part of MSOffice 2016/7) could do this if integrated on the Desktop with Windows Search.
It will also index decipherable speech in audio files dropped into OneNote.

However, Qiqqa might be what you are looking for: It also works with ePubs etc. too and OCR’s AND indexes any imaged .PDF files it finds.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qiqqa  - with all its features, it can be a really useful research tool.

Hope this helps or is of use.
- Slartibartfarst.


Posted by MadaboutDana
Apr 23, 2024 at 08:27 PM


... and on Mac, I suspect you’d be looking primarily at EagleFiler and DEVONthink Office (or on the pure search engine front, FoxTrot Pro or even HoudahSpot).


Posted by satis
Apr 24, 2024 at 09:59 PM


If I wanted to use an app to ingest, index and search PDFs on a Mac I’d switch back to DevonThink (from EagleFiler). Between its OCR tech, concordance, and semantic and associative statistical data processing of custom indices, it’s better built for searching and summarizing PDFs and finding relations between documents during search. I don’t know of a Windows app that can do what it does.

My own needs for a ‘shoebox app’ are not that sophisticated so in 2016 I switched from it to EagleFiler (which appears to be nearing a new version this year), finding it easier and more pleasant to work in. DevonThink has advanced over the years and bugs I found annoying in it have been addressed, and it seems to have advanced its UI.


Posted by Anthony
Apr 28, 2024 at 01:53 PM


@Slartibartfarst thanks for adding some suggestions.
You can set from control panel in Windows what folder to index, but windows search is far from ideal, and I think at that point there is no connection to the fact that a file is linked or not with Onenote. Moreover, in recent versions to foster the use of clouding, Microsoft has disabled in Onenote - as I already noticed in a previous post - a good feature present until v. 2010, i.e. drag&drop pop-up menu with the option of “linking the file”. Now there is only “attached the file”. To link a file you need to use only menus, and several clicks.

About Qiqqa, which belongs to a similar league of Zotero, Mendeley, Endnote: it is good to know that it became open source. But the latest version in github dates 2021, with one big drowback. After indexing thousand of files, the exe goes “out of memory”, and becomes unusable (as explained here: https://github.com/GerHobbelt/qiqqa-open-source/releases). To correct the error it would be necessary probably to turn the app 64bit but there is no sign of it.

In looking for similar software, I came across to Komga (https://komga.org/). It organizes (so no search contents I believe) comics, but I read it is good also for ePUBs and PDFs. I just wonder if someone has ever used it, being also multi-plaform.


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