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Outliners indexing external links

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Posted by Paul Korm
Apr 28, 2024 at 08:17 PM


I would add MarginNote to the list.  (Mac and Apple mobile platforms, only.)

MarginNote can index, in its internal library, any number of PDF, ePUB or other documents.  The library can be searched quickly, with search terms shown in context.  A related feature, “title link”, will automatically highlight in PDFs or in outlines terms that match the tile of any note in the database.  So you can hover the highlighted text and view the related notes in a floating popover.  The related notes can be edited in that display.  Notes viewable as an outline or mind map, or both at once.

I’ve used MarginNote for years, but I am not sure if it will someday stop working.  The non-Chinese version seems to be abandoned by the owner, but it keeps running year after year.


Posted by nathanb
May 14, 2024 at 05:04 PM


This topic always makes me take another look at https://www.tagspaces.org/.

It’s a different approach that is text-based metadata files alongside your files to be able to have stable tags, links, and notes that live natively with your files.


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