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Writing tool for MacOs, or for Windows-a question.

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Posted by Hugh
Oct 24, 2010 at 09:55 PM


Tomorrow a beta version of Scrivener for Windows is to be released, with the launch of the paid-for version in early 2011. It’s described as very similar to the current version (1.54 I think) of Scrivener for the Mac.

Scrivener for the Mac 2.0 is due to be launched towards the end of this week. If it’s only judged by what the developer has already outlined, it looks to be a major step forward. There are many details in the developer’s blog on the website provided by Steve Z. upthread.

For pre-Scrivener outlining on the Mac, I’d use Tinderbox or OmniOutliner or the Steven Berlin Johnson method with DevonThink Pro for factual work, and Tinderbox or Curio for fiction: Curio is slightly more freeform- and imagination-friendly in my view.

Conversely, however, some writers appear to be moving away from the Mac back to Windows - see davidhewson.com. While still a Scrivener fan, David has reacted against some of Apple’s approaches to hardware and software and says MS Word 2010 and OneNote are ideal for his thriller-writing needs. Word 2010 seems to have overcome its previous problems with re-arranging text, referred to by grapeshot above, with its navigation pane, and David likes its two-page layout for editing: he also likes the new OneNote’s ability to tuck itself away as a sticky research and notes side-panel.

Microsoft may have noticed some of what nimbler rivals like Scrivener are doing. Isn’t competition a wonderful thing?