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Workflow of Dual CRIMPers -- those fortunate folks using both Macs and Windows PCs

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Posted by Franz Grieser
Apr 5, 2010 at 08:40 AM



Similar situation here as for Steven and Tom.

I work mainly on a Windows PC and a Windows Tablet PC using OpenOffice.org, Microsoft Office, OneNote, Xmind and an old Infoselect database I still maintain for one project.

On these machines I write articles and books for a living. The books usually have to be written and pre-typeset in Word. Writing in Scrivener would be great but that would involve a additional step that I spare.

What I really miss is something like Tinderbox for two new projects (a mix of workshops, coaching and - finally - a book).

At the moment, I use a Mac Mini running Scrivener and OpenOffice.org (for compatibility) for writing a novel. The writing itself is done either on the Mac or on my Tablet PC or my desktop PC. For a long time, I simply used a USB stick to import the RTF or DOC files from Windows into Scrivener. I just give Dropbox a try to see if that works for me.

And I just started using Tinderbox again for the two projects mentioned above. Input will be written on the Mac and on my Windows PCs. I am still experimenting how to get the input into Tinderbox.

My only cross-plattform application is Xmind that runs fine on both Windows and Mac OS X.