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Workflow of Dual CRIMPers -- those fortunate folks using both Macs and Windows PCs

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Posted by Wes Perdue
Apr 4, 2010 at 12:04 AM



I went through a similar transition two years ago; after many, many years on PCs I got my first Mac - a Macbook Pro.  I have gradually fallen in love with it, and will never be without a Mac.

I do still have a PC at work, and I go back and forth between them all day.  At home, it’s just me and my Mac.  I do have Fusion and a Win XP VM; it’s primarily used to VPN to work, but I do occasionally use it for Windows-only apps.

Evernote and SugarSync are my two primary cross-platform apps, and I use them every day.

OmniFocus, which syncs between my Mac and my iPhone, is my task manager, and iCal and my Address Book sync between the Mac and the iPhone as well.

My toolset expands a fair bit for academic work, but all are Mac-based: DevonThink, Bookends, Scrivener, and Nisus Writer.

And of course, I use OmniOutliner and NovaMind regularly.

Honestly, the only app I miss from my PC world is ConnectedText.  I wish it would be ported to MacOS; there’s nothing quite like it on the Mac.  Well, maybe Tinderbox, but I’m still struggling to “get” Tinderbox.