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Best software for visually diagramming a series of martial art strategies?

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Posted by 22111
Jan 27, 2023 at 01:11 PM


Very sorry indeed, the Wolf has to intervene here.

I don’t follow Delyanni’s suggestion to pay for TB since (whilst its “free” version is utterly worthless indeed) as far as I know, you have no real influence onto the graphical representation of that “decision tree” (Amontillado, totally correct!) on your screen, and so you’d be but totally lost after just some few “steps”.

But then, ANY traditional but “professional” 2-pane outliner (i.e. with transclusion) is more or less (i.e. functionally, albeit possibly not also visually, to your liking?) “perfect” (but here again, user-sided tree-element formattings, as in UR, could be of big “help”, for the complexity-reducing visual aspect, I suppose?!!); it’s just that your “parallel streams” will be vertically, not horizontally…

It’s the same consideration as with “timelines” for “creating” (timelines for “facts” (i.e. legal work, and the like) might fulfill a different purpose, especially for presentation purposes… see https://www.outlinersoftware.com/topics/viewt/9958/0/tree-elements-formatting-scrivener-aeon—the-wolf ), and indeed, you can put much more info into a vertical outline’s tree, than in the available space of any horizontal visualization.

As an aside: This even applies to tools like UR (Ultra Recall, 100 bucks, not 300) which only allow 2-line representation for the title column, not also (as some other but otherwise inferior tools do) the replication of some “first paragraph” or the like of the content field, within the / some secondary tree), since, e.g.:

- no novelist (today; (just!) some contradictory examples from earlier Centuries being available though) will “put in” “executive’s summary” titles on top of their scenes / chapters / subchapters, so they will have to “clip out”, upon export to their publisher, their “titles” anyway, and thus, why not put those “summaries”, etc, into the titles themselves?, and:

- ditto for playwrights, and as “we all” know, screenwriters will have to “title” their scenes by a very strict “Scene Headings” format, which does NOT tell about the scene’s “content”, so them, too, should, for better navigation while writing, put “their own titles” into the title line (“column”), ready to NOT being included upon export (UR comes with the toggle “include title” or then not…), whilst the mandatory “Scene Heading” should then be their respective first paragraph of their scenes’ “content”. - End of aside.

This being said, had it not been for its incredible bugginess - it crashed all too often -, I would have bought B-liner 6 (i.e. the last specific, dedicated, horizontal, electronic Warnier-Orr implementation, while it had been available; ironically, Deliannis’ one of the few ones here who’s got a license for it in time, and its demise being explained by the fact - common to askSam btw, oh yeah! - that in the end, the programmers who had done the code hadn’t been available anymore, just the sales people…)

And then, some years ago, at “bits”, at some incredible low price of just under 100 bucks if I remember well, that venerable “Graham Process Mapping” tool had been available, which ordinarily costs a multiple of that, and at the time, I had hesitated too long, instead of buying - I’ve had remorse about my non-purchase since, since since (haha) it never ever appeared on that site again… (Well, the connections to both abandoned, or then always viable, alternatives were implemented much better than in B-liner 6, cannot speak re it’s - allegedly and equally much superior robustness though…)

But all of the above being said, the real info of today’s probably being that wonderful-n-stunning confession of Pfizer’s (now ex-?) director Jordon Trishton (“Johnny”) Walker, which might quite fast disappear from YT indeed, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywlpArNWKxM - oh yeah.